Freelancer WorkFlow – Setting Your Pace To Suit Your Life {Video}

Hey there, do you ever feel overwhelmed about how to set a pace for completing work tasks and tending to household duties? There’s no cookie-cutter template for a creative freelancer, so be sure design a structure and set a tempo that works well for you and your clients.

Setting your pace

How and when do you work best?

Need breaks in between…fresh air walks…an exercise sesh…an afternoon siesta? Try assigning different specific tasks that match different portions of the day so you maximize your energy instead of rinsing it out. (Like how writing naturally aligns with quiet moments.)

Today, I’m sharing a short video that walks you through a combo of tasks (at home and on the go) – not as a perfect example in the least, but as encouragement for creative entrepreneurs who aspire to design a danceable and enjoyable business that aligns with your wellness.

When are you most productively alert, and when does your concentration start to dwindle a bit before you need to rest your eyes, get somethin’ to eat or stretch your legs a bit? ‘Burnout’ is no fun (been there) and even beyond that, it’s a health risk and stress magnet.

Know your season

Just like there are seasons with the weather, our businesses have seasons too. This conversation came up the other day in the studio and I found it so interesting…and real. As a freelancer (apart from any salary/stipend you’re paying yourself and clients on a set longterm retainer) monthly income can fluctuate.

There are seasons when you’re working like a militant ant colony and requests are coming in steadily, and there may be seasons where there’s a dip in the tempo until it picks up again. Whatever the season, make sure to include refreshment time along the way. By the way, that line is also going on a stickie note by my desk ’cause I need that reminder sometimes too.

There’s so much value in taking time to breathe between work tasks and include wellness on your career path.

Set a pace that works well for you – and your clients…one that makes room for your joy and health.


flowers pic by Joywithinblog
Walking through Bridgetown. 

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Hi, I'm Indra, blogging from Barbados. Here you’ll find content tips for the creative, refreshment reminders for everyday life, and beautiful nature views from around the island. Get ready to nurture your gifts and shape a thriving business that aligns with your wellness. I'm a writer, singer and blogger who now mostly works from home, balancing house & yard work with creative career tasks. On a quest to grow more grateful each day. As a teen I almost gave up on life; now as a woman saved by grace, I'm living joyfully with purpose, encouraging the overwhelmed and overworked. This blog was launched when I pressed pause of travelling and being busy on the road and moved to a farm in the countryside, where I started growing food, hiking and fishing. Now, I'm on the west writing, cooking, recording, and creating content daily. Thanks for joining the journey, and remember to follow 'Joy within' blog for firsthand updates on new posts.

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