Standing Up In Business When You’d Rather Sit Down And Catch Your Breath For A Minute

Entrepreneurship is a muscle-building experience that’s not for the faint of heart. But what happens when we grow through seasons and challenges that affect the heart and jolt the mind?

This is the essence of today’s topic.

Have you ever had to show up and be present while in the midst of what looks like a life storm? Ever found yourself in a position where the most natural reaction is to ‘flip out’ and retaliate like you were raised by wild polar bears? Do you have challenges experiencing a sense of calm when the tempo of tasks turns up?

I’m no pro, but here’s what I’ve learned (and still need reminders of) in terms of Standing Up In Business When You’d Rather Sit Down And Catch Your Breath For A Minute

  • You can find a pocket of time each day to refine your focus and breathe
  • You are more than a business – remember your wellness
  • Challenges will happen and they don’t usually make reservations or call before
  • Drink lots of water, and eat light and healthy
  • Aloe is good for a flush-out but not as a daily meal. Avoid becoming bitter
  • When you take time to heal, mind your thoughts and watch your words
  • Sweat it out. Get some fresh air, stretch, go for a walk or run, punch a pillow, cry
  • Consider past challenges already overcome
  • Make a point of listing things (unrelated to the challenge) to be thankful for
  • Remember who and Whose you are
  • Make a conscious decision to not go bonkers
  • If you’re a believer, rest in the unshakable truth that God will fight for you
  • Put up a “JOY – NOT FOR SALE” sign up in your heart and mind

When we’re in a challenging season and actively involved in the daily operations of our business, it can be tough – being honest…every single moment. Our personal life isn’t our clients or customers’ business or concern unless you and yours are close and they genuinely care about any family emergency or situation you may be facing.

Showing up, being present and completing tasks to time even when it’s tough on a personal level, is very possible (and enjoyable) when you nurture your faith, tend to your wellness, love what you do and appreciate whom you work with.

Taking deep breaths from now
fueling our faith
feeding our renewed minds the right thoughts

tending to our wellness with care and embracing all the grace poured out on and through us, work together to help us take one step after another in and beyond business.

Truly…this is content management

Have any inspiring tips to add to this post or words of encouragement to share with someone else reading this? You’ve got the mic

Have a bright and peaceful rest of the day.

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