Freelancer WorkWeek – Pacing Writing With B&B Housecleaning in Barbados {Video}

Hi there, today’s post shares a combo of sit-down-and-focus work and physical-on-your-feet work.

Ever have one of those days or weeks when the list of things to do involves different parts of your brain, so it’s a test of endurance and patience to get through them?

Well, those are often the times when looking on the bright side, managing (gifted) time and prioritizing tasks are best put into motion.

I work (mostly) from home in this season, but this past week I went to help prepare the b&b within listening and walking distance from the sea, for incoming guests and coached a group session, while working on articles for the magazine, in the midst of a passing heatwave and tropical wave.

In Barbados, for the most part, it’s either sunny and hot or rainy and not. Actually, we’ve had a few unexpected tremors ‘out of the blue’ in recent years, which was never ‘a thing’ here. Once a year, there’s ‘Hurricane Season,’ and recently there have been nuff’ tropical waves passing over.

If I had to guess, most people aren’t drawn to going outside much on rainy days, unless it’s for a cool cruise to the sound of rhythmic raindrops.

When most people think of ‘Barbados,’ rain is not usually one of the first things they picture…but this rain was much needed since there’s been a drought, water shortage and subsequent ban on inappropriate usage of water.

In this video, you’ll see both sweet sunshine and refreshing rain, along with road views of popular fish fry spot, Oistins and some housecleaning as prep for the guests.


Whatever the size of your tending list or tempo of your day, take some time to enjoy the beautiful expressions of creation wherever you are and whatever the weather.

Business can often get busy, but your joy and wellness count for a whole lot. Together they overflow into your service so breathe in, top-up, and tend to one thing at a time.

The articles I’m polishing up involved reading a business book, doing two interviews and sending out reminders to contributing writers. Staying calm while under what looks like pressure is a lesson that’s worth the effort – not that I’ve “mastered” it, but I do prefer it.

In between the writing and cleaning were some coaching sessions – most of them – Vocal Fitness, so that helped add some deep breathing, stretches and exercise to the week’s menu.

What helps you set a healthy pace when you have ‘a lot on your plate?




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