Making The Most Of A National Holiday {Kadooment Day – The Quiet Way}

Hi there, as I type this post, the distant sound of fast-paced drum and bass is travelling across seawater, up the hill and trickling into the atmosphere. The sound is so faint, but every now and then, the wind blows the sound faintly in this direction.

It’s Kadooment Day (Carnival Day) – a national holiday in Barbados. Some are ‘jumping’ in bands wearing colourful costumes and ‘chippin’ behind music-and-drink trucks, some are home watching the event live on tv; others gathered in homes or parks having lunch with their extended family, and some…went to the beach, like me.

As a freelancer, national holidays aren’t always acknowledged or experienced as (ideal) rest or fun days. You can get used to abstract ‘working hours’ and have challenges creating boundaries for your business and tending to your wellness. Your home often doubles as an office or studio in general and the main difference about ‘days off’ is the fact that supermarkets, cafes and banks are closed.

But the beach is always open…

beach days

Not so long ago, every day was beach mornin’ noon and night, whether walking, playing paddle-ball, swimming or fishing. It feels like eons (it isn’t) since I’ve treated myself to an afternoon at the beach but instead of focusing on how much it was missed, I’m giving thanks for how much I enjoyed it. The crowd was in a festival frenzy a few miles away but here on this beach, there were a calm few…and that was nice.

How are you with crowds? I have to admit, I’m not much of a fan of throwing my 5ft self in the midst of them. Maybe it’s a combination of being a creative introvert and musician who’s more backstage and onstage rather than in the audience, but whatever the reason I’m totally cool with it. That said, daytime music festivals and things like conferences are pretty enjoyable.

look at that beautiful sky

Barbados is a beautiful little island. I’m not gonna paint a picture of the kind of perfect paradise it’s often described as. Read one page of the news on most given days and you’ll soon discover a flaw or few in the system or society somewhere, or find out about a heartbreaking happening that took place (inevitably) less than an hour’s drive away.


Still, the island itself (minus the random unsightly littering in select areas)…has beautiful expressions of creation in each of the 11 parishes.



fresh air, deep breaths and barefoot walks on soft sand
Not without its share of challenges, tragedies and drama like anywhere else in The West, but home to powder-like golden sand, turquoise waters, coconut, mango, mahogany and breadfruit trees lining streets and highways, sparkies, blackbirds and pea-witlers chirping pretty melodies on a daily, serene views, seasonal fruits and ground provisions...ooooh...tropical beauty.
along a beach walk

The air is clean, trees are abundant and there’s lots of greenery and flora around.

Yes, I can still hear the thumping of bass and hollering of instructions by an enthusiastic dj in the distance, and just like earlier, while enjoying a walk, swim and run along the beach…I’m thankful to be right where I am…not feeling an ounce of F.O.M.O…’cause I’m not missing out on anything…I’m tuning in to everything that matters most, and feeling refreshed (not exhausted) by the day.

What’s one thing you can do or enjoy to celebrate the gift of today, starting right where you are?


Seagrapes soon in season! Pick these when they’ve softened a bit and are a combo of green an’ burgundy between October – November each year. There’s a tiny seed inside and just a l’il watery pulp, so enjoy slowly. A l’il salt (or seawater) on them and yum! Ever had seagrapes?
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