Including Fitness Into Your Freelancer Lifestyle

Y’know the Health app on your phone? Do you ever monitor it? Hopefully, your digital ‘device’ isn’t always in your hand throughout the day to count every step you take and every move you make, but the app comes in handy for checking your daily physical activity.

Health and Fitness

I’ll start by saying I’m not a personal trainer (just an avid living room dancer) and though Vocal Care & Fitness is one of the modules in my Coaching business that doesn’t make me an expert when it comes to health.

Still, including a wellness and fitness regime into the weekly schedule is something we all can benefit from. Adding a level of purposeful movement helps with:

  • deep breathing
  • mental clarity
  • healthier skin
  • detoxing through perspiration
  • getting some fresh air (when done outside)
  • thought life; it’s hard to stay upset or angry when you workout thoroughly
  • flexibility
  • toning
  • increasing your appetite for water
  • getting a good night’s sleep
  • adding zest to your day and a pep in your step

When it comes to exercise (or most things for that matter), there’s one word that’s always mentioned either as an excuse, or something to consider:


It’s one thing to make a decision to get some exercise and another to intentionally map out an action plan, and follow-through with it.

As a freelancer, scheduling is important – for tending to tasks, yes – but also for setting boundaries in your business so you can take care of your wellness. ‘Business hours’ and ‘bank holidays’ can seem like almost-laughable terms or grey areas in some seasons, so be purposeful about portioning out time to address your health and what matters most.

Let’s walk through some prep-steps to get started and identify what route you’d like to take towards including fitness into your freelancer lifestyle.

Of course, our lives have different components and variables so it’s not enough to say, ‘go for a walk at 7am three times a week’ and expect that formula to work for every and anybody. But if getting and staying fit and healthy is something you’re seriously ready to do, it’s time to elbow-juck excuses out of the way and get started.

What kind of activities do you enjoy? Nature walks – swimming – stretching – strength training – a sport of some sort you’ve always wanted to try? I have one or two on that list.

When are you the most alert, or what pocket of time do you already have (or can set aside) to add an activity into the design of your day?

Need a helping hand to get started? How about asking a friend or (appropriate) neighbour if they’re interested in morning walk & jogs a few times a week? You can also check out any groups, clubs or classes to learn the best training techniques, join a community and help you build some momentum if you intend to continue on your own at some point.

Picked some moringa leaves to steep for morning tea

Different forms of exercise address different areas of the body. If weight loss is a part of your mission, having an evaluation (by a certified personal trainer, top athlete or nutritionist/wellness coach) is a good place to start.

A few years ago, when I was jogging on the beach at 5:30am and in dance class 3-4 times a week, for 3 and 1/2 hrs each session, I was moving like a deer on the sand and dance floor but still had some pudgy areas, whereas when farming, hiking and gardening in the countryside (at the time this blog was launched), my arms were ‘cut’ (well-defined) and body fit-fit-fit. Actually, come to think about it, I was a bit smaller than is (my) ideal, and then eating ‘ital’ (vegan) for five years.

You don’t need to have a gym membership to start a fitness regime. Concerned about gym fees? Don’t be. Money (or temporary lack thereof) is not a valid reason for inertia. There are loads of workouts and nutrition pros with meal plans on YouTube. Find out what works well for you and be sure to cross-check info (before doing) to make sure it’s legit, matches your fitness formula, and offers sound advice and includes insight on pacing activity with rest and mental health.

Carlie Pipe is an exceptional distance runner from Barbados. Check her out on Instagram where she shares runnings tips, marathon highlights and IG stories of food pics in the mix. She also has a podcast (with co-host, Corey McClean) called ‘RunninBout’ with info to inspire and tips to motivate us to get moving.

Start where you are, sis – even if that looks like a health shake and 10 jumping jacks before heading out the door. Set a time to exercise a few days a week…breathe…pace yourself…stay hydratedstretch…log your progress, but don’t define your worth by it…and remember to enjoy the journey!

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