Freelancer WorkWeek – Blogging, Beach, Bridgetown & Music Biz Meeting

Hiya, it’s about that time – here’s a NEW Freelancer WorkWeek video for you. If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, a creative business owner who’d like to click refresh on your work approach or a travel fan of Barbados, there’s something for you in today’s post.

As I type this, the first raindrops on the west coast of ‘Bim’ have begun. There’s a tropical storm warning on and it’s 10:06pm. The ambience in the neighbourhood is – still, save for the intermittent sound of rain. Even ‘Riley,’ the neighbours’ dog (featured on some podcast episodes) is on mute – for now. Meanwhile, for the past few hours, I’ve been editing beautiful beach footage, tropical town images and sunny sky views.

What’s that slice of info to you? Well, I share that to say that we can sometimes get caught up and enamoured with the highlight reels we tune into online, but really and truly, moments aren’t frozen in time, no matter where you are on the map.

In this 5:39 montage, you’ll see a behind-the-scenes look at this blog, historic Bridgetown sights, the beach, a bit of the Radisson Aquatica Resort where I went to an annual music-biz meeting, and some Caribbean cooking in motion.

I love sunsets and fresh air.

Working at home requires a different kind of discipline from working in a shared corporate office – not more discipline – just a different approach. It’s not for everybody, and that’s alright.

Actually, that comes with some bonuses, like going to the supermarket (as you’ll see in the video) where daytime shopping means no crowded congalines by the cashier waiting to checkout.

As a lifelong traveller who’s still learning to fully appreciate the cosiness of a home-office-and-studio lifestyle, making the most of on-the-road errand time helps to refresh my perspective. Returning to a clean home and a welcoming kitchen is something to look forward to.

What’s one word and feeling or experience that comes to mind when you get home after a full day on-the-go? For me, it’s “thankful” and “deep breath” – in that order.

After one or two full days at meetings, rehearsals, on-the-road errands or the supermarket, working at home is an absolute joy. Since cleaning the house is a part of my daily regime, it’s nice to be able to keep up that rhythm so the home stays clean and organized.

Entrepreneurship isn’t about comparison or competing against each other – it’s a personal journey that can also come with a supportive community. These Freelancer WorkWeek videos are to encourage you while sharing a bit of my island home in The Caribbean and a real-life preview of what the creative work-from-home business design can look like.

C.O.S.C.A.P meeting for music members – Radisson Aquatica Resort

Design your business in a way that makes room for you to tend to your wellness and appreciate the beautiful expressions of creation where you are, ’cause you are so much more than a set of skills and career.

Update: 10:40pm. The rain has stopped. The air is thick and humid. In the distance, a souped-up car zooms by. Aside from the persistent hum of the nearby fan, it’s the only notable sound in the area. If you’re in Bim or any of the sister isles, stay safe in this weather.

10:41pm. It’s raining again.

Freelancer WorkWeek – Blogging, Beach, Bridgetown & Music Biz Meeting was first published on ‘Joy within’ blog

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