One Week In Five Minutes – Shopping, Recording, Cleaning & Yardwork {VIDEO}

There’s no one formula to being a creative freelancer.

Knowing what tempo works well for your tasks and quality of life in the present season you’re in helps include wellness into the design of your business. Burnout is not fun, and it can sap energy and stifle creativity; that’s enough incentive to find the best way of tending to your joy while taking care of business.

There’s a lot of hard work involved whether you’re an entrepreneur or proactive employee but we can also apply smart solutions to manage the pace of everything on our to-do list…so that we remember our to-BE quest.

Onto today’s video: One Week In 5 Minutes. You’ll see:

  • Shopping (for art-supplies at Laurie Dash)
  • Recording (a voice-over)
  • A passing Tropical Wave
  • Cleaning (with my jack russell)
  • Yardwork 


Whatever the design of your day, remember you are more than a career and your life has a purpose that goes way beyond your tending list.

recording vocals to e-mail to a client
by the way: works well to send big files. Just upload the folder, enter the e-mail address you’re sending it to + yours, and upload. You’ll get a confirmation link when the files are loaded and sent, and then another one in your inbox when they open and access the files.

How are you with house-or-yard work? One of the most popular posts on this blog shares about when I went from being busy on the road to working quietly from home. The title might sound poetic but adapting was a huge challenge for a while, but I’m thankful for the journey that came with a lot of life lessons.

Who would’ve thought cleaning and laundry days could be fun or at the very least, relaxing? These are things that need to be done, regardless – whether it’s us who does them or not. Which of the activities on the list coming up do you prefer? Click the box to select your answer.

Thanks for watching and have a sweet and safe rest of the day.

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Hi there, I'm Indra, writing you from Barbados. Here you’ll find career tips for creative freelancers and refreshment reminders for everyday life. Get ready to nurture your gifts and shape a thriving business that aligns with your wellness. I'm a writer, singer, publishing entrepreneur and eco-bookstore owner who's travelled to 20 destinations so far, and now works from home. Balancing housework with business tasks and on a quest to grow more grateful each day. As a teen I almost gave up on life; now as a woman saved by grace, I'm living joyfully with purpose, encouraging others to enjoy moments of refreshment daily while growing your business. Check out posts and videos for biz tips, breathing exercises and beautiful views of Barbados. Thanks for joining the journey, and remember to follow 'Joy within' blog for firsthand updates on new posts, podcast episodes, events and giveaways coming up.

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