A Joyful Life In A Rough n’ Tough World

Hey there, today I’m sharing a reminder to encourage you or anyone who is growing through a storm…

Your life has a purpose that goes way beyond your circumstances, business and achievements. Purpose is that engine that enables us to stand when the winds are strong; along with hope, it compels us forward in life after passing storms.

Maybe that turbulent time is connected to your health, work life, personal relationships or finance…

sweet sunsets

You’ve probably been through some seasons and challenges that landed like boulders along your path…it’s usually in and after those times where sustaining joy is challenged.

That’s why the source of our joy is so important. I’m not talking about a giggly smiley all-is-sunny kind of joy (there’s definitely a place for that)…but rather a steady current of hopefulness that flows during, despite and beyond moments where it would seem not to be able to exist.

Mine was once rooted in things that expire (like gifts, goals, friends and travel) and now it’s in the everlasting, and the promises that come with it. You see, I couldn’t do anything and wouldn’t BE anything, without God…and now I know that leaning on Him instead of my own understanding is everything…He is the source from Whom my joy springs. This wasn’t always the case – I’m so thankful for His patience, mercy and grace.

There are so many examples of people who seemed to ‘have it all’ yet gave it all up, revealing a deep soul pain they couldn’t express, share or overcome for whatever reason.

As a teen who almost gave up on life to a woman now living by grace, I’ve realized that joy has a value that’s worth more than gold, and when nurtured it overflows into every area of life.  The more thankful we are, the more joyful we become…and in this life…joy is strength…because it can exist and thrive in an environment that’s designed to stifle or steal it…

nature walks

Sure, I’ve been through situations where joy wasn’t felt or expressed in real-time – times, when it was the farthest thing from my mind…all the more reason to celebrate when like a beautiful resilient flower it springs from a once trampled-on something…

Joy can be tender too…like in those moments when we’ve been humbled and someone else steps in to offer a helping hand or encouraging word just when we need it most…

A ruff-n-tuff attitude can impress others, but a joyful life can refresh you…

Whatever you’ve been through or whatever you may be facing in this season, oceans of compassion to you…and a gentle invitation to consider 3 things you can be thankful for now…it may not immediately alter a memory or change the situation, but it will shift a perspective and attitude for the brighter.

There’s so much trauma and chaos in the world. Being joyful doesn’t mean we ignore these things or become numb to the pain of others – not at all, but choosing to be hopeful instead of committing to feeling helpless makes a huge difference in our approach to each day and the gift of life.

What can you…no, what are you thankful for right now…?

  • Is it the deep breath you’re taking now?
  • The fact that you’re loved, still here and today is a fresh start?
  • The sound mind you still have (by grace) despite what you’ve been through?


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