Art Takes Time {Encouragement For The Creative Entrepreneur}

Art takes time…

…so does building and maintaining a business, and sometimes it’s easy to get carried away with one or both when you’re riding an inspirational wave, taking care of client work while forgetting to tend to your own personal growth, walking through a challenging season, chasing dollars, busy being busy, or scrolling away absently.

We’re not meant to live as a hostage to time.

It’s a precious gift we’re given to make full and good use of…while we have it.

What I learned from running a 24hr vocal studio while travelling frequently:

Every time I’ve upped the pace to racing around constantly like a hummingbird, the punks that are migraines try to elbow in, my breathing becomes shallow, artistry flutters and the thrill of that left-brain workout quickly start to fuel my ego like “how cool am I? Ever told you about the time I woke up and had to mix cement? Oh, it was nothing.” Still a work-in-progress…

Really? Even though I know I am nothing without God and every good and perfect gift is from Him – The Ultimate (and First) Artist and Creator – let’s not get it twisted or ‘forget.’

Every magnificent sunset, beautiful flower, rushing river and rolling wave is a reminder and evidence of Creation.

Working hard is one thing; that’s not what I mean in this case. It’s in those rushed moments…a part of me starts to long for fresh air…miss the pen, the book, the keys, the mic, my guitar and the canvas…and those cherished moments that come with the creative process…

But when (amidst all the planning, action and admin activity that goes into managing a business) I purposely carve out to time to breathe…to be…still…then move with purpose…to make art through words, visuals and song for others, my mindset, business and attitude are refreshed and revived.

Our BELIEF nudges our CHARACTER which influences our MINDSET. Our mindset shapes our ATTITUDE and that attitude overflows into our LIFE, RELATIONSHIPS, BUSINESS and WALK.

writing time

It’s important that we not beat ourselves up – motivate and encourage ourselves (and be honest about triggers and tendencies), yes – but not berate and belittle. That’s when the negative thoughts and acid self-talk can try to shove their foul foot through the door and seep through the walls of our minds. No sah!

So, how about you?

What’s your best life tempo and aspiration for your creative career?

Please try not to attach any emotion to it right this minute so there’s no urge to compare the now to the ‘one day.’ And no need to share here, but take a breath at a quiet time to consider how you can nurture your gifts while tending to your business, harmonizing the two to a tempo you can enjoy dancing to.

Ciao for now!

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