Tips To Working Well From Home

Do you work from home…or do you want to? First, let me say this – entrepreneurship isn’t for everybody so please don’t feel like this is the be-all-and-end-all of anything…’cause it’s not. It’s a possibility.

Today’s post shares some steps and encouragement for anyone sure about and ready to make the step from busy on the road to working quietly from home. As a lifelong traveller and former hot-footer, by the second or third work-from-home week in 2012, I was just about ready to bite my nails down to my elbows. I’d gotten into the habit of packing my days with travel-time and studio sessions sprinkled all over the island throughout the day. Wholesome meals were few and far between and sleep was barely invited over even just to say ‘hi.’

To say the shift was a challenge would be an understatement, but focusing on the good, it came with new lessons, a fresh set of skills, a new perspective of life and a more refined character.

You are more than a career and whether you’re working in a corporate office, group setting or from your home, there’s a purpose for your life that goes way beyond business. When you work from home you have to butter the bread on both sides; tend to your home while minding your business. Having and operating a home-based business can sound like a relief and sweet walk in the park to someone cooped up in an office at a job they don’t like, but working at home involves the strategic use of different muscle-groups when it comes to mindset and motivation. 

Consider your:

  • entrepreneurial mindset (managing your business, not the other way around)
  • ideal business hours (healthy boundaries)
  • designated workspace (or work zones)
  • patience level and proactive attitude
  • well-being

Whatever your work format, whether employee or entrepreneur, approach your career or design your business in a way that harmonizes with your well-being. Otherwise how can it be sustainable?

Do I miss travelling? Sometimes…but I didn’t so much for a while. There were a few trips in between and those were cool. Travel before 2012 meant shuttle, hotel and stage straight from and before the airport – sometimes after a quick trip to shop. The cost of living in Barbados is high as a kite so any opportunity to buy basics or things like olive oil is saving spending a small fortune in the long-run. My passport was constantly perched in my purse, ready for those calls that could come at any time, quickly followed by a ticket and plump itinerary. The next time I travel, it will include some exploring in creation, refreshment and fabric shopping along the way. Until then, I’m giving thanks and enjoying redecorating my creative space in the house.

For more freelancer tips and refreshment reminders, click ‘follow‘ on the right side of this page for firsthand updates. By the way, this blog was and is one of the highlights that came to fruition after I started working (mostly) from the house.

What would you like more time to tend to. Can you set aside 10-15 minutes each day to work on it?

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