Refreshing Your Work From Home Experience With Outdoor Adventures

A little question for you if that’s alright – it links to today’s blog post and either way, the answer isn’t for me but more so to help you get more clarity:

Do you enjoy your home?

I haven’t always, so please don’t feel embarrassed or ‘on the spot’ if you don’t right now. Any amount of variables (that can change for the better) could contribute to that. It doesn’t have the be the fanciest house in the most pristine area or the most furnished or organized apartment to be the place you enjoy and appreciate returning to on a daily or regular basis.

A happy home makes a huge difference in your work-from-home experience.

A comfortable space doesn’t automatically mean you’ll be consistently motivated to get crackin’ when it comes to managing your business. Still, an encouraging environment refreshes your approach whereas a critical zone has a tendency to drain energy and attempt to disorient dreams. (I purposely said ‘has a tendency‘ as opposed to ‘will drain energy’ because here we speak and live from a place of victory no matter what temporal circumstances, occasional challenges or seasons may look like.)

Though we can’t (and shouldn’t attempt to) control others; we do have a whole lot more lee-way when it comes to managing ourselves, our mindset and how we approach anything.

So how do we work well at home even when things aren’t the rosiest or the house is sometimes noisy?

Our lives have different components, so making a blanket statement like, “enjoy daily quiet time at 6:15am” wouldn’t necessarily suit someone who’s working the night shift while planning on starting a home-based business.

If you’re already working from home and could do with a pep in your step and a fresh flavour to your daily duties, let’s talk about…

Refreshing Your Work From Home Experience With Outdoor Adventures

What is an outdoor adventure? For some that looks like training for a 10k marathon – for others that sounds like an intense weekend hike or ‘hash’ run – many might consider a zipline trip, surfing session, aerobic class, paragliding trip and the list goes on.

An outdoor adventure starts with the mindset.

Ever noticed how (generally speaking) vacationers have a sense of gusto for discovering and enjoying a place. It could be a minimart, popular fish fry, restaurant with delicious local cuisine or a light stroll wearing slippers through Bridgetown or along First Street on the West Coast.

Travelling has always been my thing (20+ destinations so far) and I vividly remember the light mindset and deep breaths as clouds floated by at eye-level while I sat at the window seat overlooking a huge expanse of sea-then-land, buildings and awaiting adventures (mostly hotels, stages, restaurants and shopping spots).

Now that I mostly work from home in this season, a sense of appreciation and healthy wonder when outside of the house is helpful to my mindset and work ethic.

What if we chose to view an everyday errand as an outdoor adventure?

That’s the essence of why this blog was started – I was compelled to find more and more things and places to appreciate, celebrate and share about Barbados instead of feeling confined to 166 square miles limestone, clay, concrete and greenery amidst a puzzling amount of round-a-bouts.

An adventure isn’t always fun – in fact, when I googled it just now, words like ‘danger’ and ‘hazard’ came up – eek! We’re thinking more along the lines of…

an outdoor journey

So the next time you’re taking care of that errand, picking up those groceries, paying that bill, dropping off that package, little things like noticing the beautiful sky, the detailed architecture in that building, beautiful flowers blooming by the doorway or in someone’s garden, that fresh air when the windows are rolled down, the seaside, those lush fruit trees on the road side, sweet songs on that station you’re listening to whether traffic is on the road or not…the many opportunities to do random helpful (and uncelebrated) deeds…

…when you return home, it will be much more than a hot, busy, exhausting day…but an outdoor experience (maybe with some pics included?) that inspires you to appreciate the day – and the welcoming space you call home (and sometimes office or studio.)

Remember there’s nothing stopping you for enjoying outdoor moments during the day, whether that’s picking flowers from the garden to decorate your desk, having lunch on the balcony or making a note to go watch the sunset.

Once thoughts are healthy, it’ll shift for your mindset for the better, add an accent colour to your week, and enhance your home business experience.

P.S: A little pre-roll to an upcoming post: refreshing the decor of your at-home workspace is another way of bringing a fresh attitude and perspective to your brain and business.

Refreshing Your Work From Home Experience With Outdoor Adventures was first published on ‘Joy within’ blog.

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