Cosy TeaHouse, Sushi spot & Bistro On The South Coast of Barbados

For a healthy and tasty tea, delicious salad, sushi session and customer service experience to brighten your day, there’s a TeaHouse and Bistro just for you on the south coast of Barbados.


Are you a sushi fan? What about some refreshing tea – hot or chilled? I enjoy both and can drink tea a bazillion times a day; it’s so refreshing!

In this post, I’m sharing pics (and a video) from the ideal place to find both at one spot in ‘Bim’ – “NovelTeas located in Coconut Walk shopping area.

It’s a family-owned business with 100 different healthy special teas, and also a popular spot for aficionados of sushi, salads and wraps.

spicy salmon and avocado roll, drizzled with soy sauce and wasabi (yum!)

In recent years, sushi has become quite a celebrity in Bim, and NovelteasTeaHouse & Bistro has established a name as a must-go-to sushi pick-up spot and healthy tea cosy-corner. The decor is beautiful – vibrant yet soft, with colourful crockery, and a vast display of neatly arranged loose teas set in jars.

Sushi – check! Wasabi – check! Soy sauce – check! Chopsticks – oh yeah! Water – yes thanks.
A compact mini-meal with a fusion of flavour

The pleasantly plump salmon blends perfectly with ripe avocado, and both are wrapped in sushi-grade rice and hugged snuggly with seaweed. Did I ever mention I love eating with chopsticks, even if it’s a bowl of pasta? Well, I do, and though I pretty much made up my own way of holding them, they do the job quite fine.

Sushi is high in demand at this bistro, so it’s best to order a day in advance by calling 228-8327

Tea tips: tea contains antioxidants, can assist with weight loss, assist in digestion, strengthen the immune system, and can reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.


The manager, Raj (in the video coming up) is a tea connoisseur and can help you find the best tea to suit your palette and to address particular health issues. His lovely wife (my cherished friend since school-days) also bakes absolutely delicious treats that are sometimes featured in the display case of goodies too.

I love the decor of this space, and the soft pastel colours of the teapots, cups, and saucers add a pleasant homey vibe.


Ever tasted mocha cake? Well, prepare for a delicious slice of baked goodness made and topped with chocolate.



The seating is minimalistic, which is refreshing so it’s never crowded though often visited. Lunchtime at Novelteas sees many smiling faces Mondays to Saturdays, and the setting is so welcoming that friendly conversations often happen naturally among management, staff, and customers alike. The ambience is always inviting, service – first class – and the tea and food – something special to savour and share.

Service with a smile, with Beverley who kindly took the pic of me (coming up)
There’s more than enough walking room to browse the many teas and items on the shelves and in the decorated display cases

You can even give a gift certificate to a loved one as a thoughtful treat or buy a cute mug to sip your favorite hot drink in the morning.

Novelteas is a great spot to meet a friend, client or colleague. I’ve held many 1:1 mini-meetings at both their previous and present location and the ambience is consistently light and ideal for cool, calm and constructive conversations. I say mini-meetings because it’s nice to be considerate and keep it movin’ to make room for upcoming guests so they can also enjoy the space, tea, and food, and pull up a chair comfortably.

Here’s a video of a green tea matcha being prepared…


I saw and filmed green tea matcha being made the authentic way, when a customer popped in to request some. I’d never heard of it before so it was cool to see the prep-steps behind the scenes, to share with you here.

A beautiful space to discover the many healthy benefits of various teas, and enjoy sushi while sharing smiles with friendly faces. “Novelteas” is a top spot where service is concerned, and customers always feel welcomed.

It’s a place where management calls “regulars” by name and gives newcomers a warm welcome, without an ounce of pressure – simply because the setting, products, food and service speak for themselves and represent the business well.



So, the next time you’re on the south coast of “Bim,” make a note to pass by “Novelteas TeaHouse & Bistro at Coconut Walk, treat yourself and be refreshed.

Check them out on Instagram @novelteasbarbados and join them on Facebook

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