Vocal-care home remedies For Speakers, Singers & Podcasters

Hey there, is your voice key in your career?

You don’t need to be a vocal pro to know that a sore throat, an annoying cough or stuffy nose are three of the least favourite things on most people’s list.

While this isn’t to replace any medical advice, there are home remedies – things like fruits, herbs and teas, that we can use to tend to our health.

Using your voice for extended periods of time takes a lot of energy and requires maintenance. That, along with spending lots of time:

  • •in air/conditioned studios
  • •warm/hot carpeted vocal booths
  • •on flights where there’s limited air circulation 
  • •on tour buses where you’re seated or slouching for an extended amount of time
  • •at sound checks, testing the mic until it’s right 

You get the picture….

If your voice is more expressed through writing – no worries – there’s a post (and video) with writing tips specifically for you here.

To get free access to ‘Vocal-CARE 101‘ eBook, I’ve included a download link for you coming up on this post.

A lot of artists send emails or call to ask for practical home remedies and exercises to relieve sore throat asap, help a cold/flu fly by quickly naturally and without side effects from medications, or prepare the voice for rigorous rehearsals, live performances, upcoming recording sessions or a series of podcasts, and interviews. I do my best to answer these questions based on first-hand insight from a lifelong journey as a vocalist/voiceover talent and through research/tips shared by stellar vocalists along the way.

Sharing some of my top vocal care tips for singer, speakers and podcasters using things you probably have in your 🍋 kitchen, garden 🌿 or nearby market. This is a snippet from my ‘Vocal-CARE 101‘ eBook.


I realized the importance of voice-care:

  • when I decided to run a 24hr vocal studio, recording non-stop without vocal rest.
  • when bookings for recording studio sessions as background vocalist racked up to 8 a day, with 3 hours ‘rest’ a day. I was then providing a 24-hr mobile Vocal studio service.

* when my coaching client (and fabulous friend) and I were given 39 songs to learn and rehearse for a major concert in 2 days

* during a packed season of 44 shows in 7 weeks (most nights up to 5 high-energy onstage appearances with marathon rehearsals in the day)

* when clients who seldom had sound checks but often had sore throats, congestion and nasal drip challenges, reached out for help

It became clear that a solution was needed and care was the key! Especially for those whose bread-an-butter is directly linked to the Voice; after all, many things in life require maintenance in order to be sustainable, and moderation in order to be healthy.

I22 pages of text and pics with home remedies for healthy singing, vocal warm-ups and exercises to help you breathe better.



Want the ‘Vocal-CARE 101‘ eBook free?



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The information provided in this publication, ‘Vocal-CARE 101’ eBook in no way seeks to replace or override medical advice. Tips shared here are based on firsthand experience by the author as a professional vocalist and voiceover talent, as well as extensive research and insight shared by stellar artists.

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