Setting Time To Write While You Have A Day Job | Author From Barbados Shares Her Story {Podcast}

Do you have a calling to write a book, but haven’t found the time to get started, or maybe pick up where you left off? In this podcast episode, the author of Gimme A Home Birth – The Birth Story I Didn’t Expect’ shares her writing and publishing journey, along with encouragement for aspiring writers.

In our conversation, I asked her about her:

  • inspiration for the book topic
  • discipline for writing to completion
  • hope for the creative industries in Barbados
  • self-publishing journey
  • challenges and highlights

Listen to interview here

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Korena Darnelle came up with the idea for her first book after giving birth, and the experience inspired her to put pen to paper and fingers to keys to produce what is fast becoming a popular read among Bajans and visitors.

Korena is a devoted wife and mother who believes that we should focus more on thriving artistry than the ‘starving artist’ syndrome – y’all know that’s the essence of this blog so yes, yes yes – while still fanning your passion for whatever gifts you’ve been blessed with.

When asked about how she maintained momentum in writing her book while working for a company, she shared with a smile in her voice,

“Having a day job, writing, being a mummy, being a wife – that in itself was a balancing act but my husband, Alex is super supportive, so he would have set aside a dedicated writing space for me, which definitely helped so I knew that when I sat there, it was time.”

After going to a workshop with Donna Every (who she maintained a connection with through the process), Korena decided on how many chapters or words she wanted to write each day, and also made a schedule and factored in time for “procrastination or for those days when things didn’t go according to plans.

Technology helps,” the author added. “I was able to walk with it (Google Docs) on my phone so that when I did have a ‘down-time’ during my lunch hour or whatever, I would be able to focus on that.’

“My hope is that a lot more personas are actually true to themselves and embrace their creativity. A lot of the focus (before) was on ‘go to school, get a great education – get a great job.’ But not everybody is destined to be an employee. Some people are destined to be entrepreneurs and I think we need to focus in and hone in on that.

It can be challenging, but Korena emphasized that it’s possible and worth the effort.

Gimme A Home Birth‘ is Korena’s milestone of the moment and ‘it’s an easy read that’s not just for the ladies. It’s for the guys as well – for the medical professionals – for somebody who’s interested in finding out what a Barbadian birth story is all about.


Get to know her on Instagram @korenadarnelle and find out more about this creative entrepreneur who is also a diligent employee, and now the author of a book written for women, men and medical professionals based on her firsthand experience. To find out more, be sure to buy her book on Amazon; it’s available as an eBook and also in print.

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3 thoughts on “Setting Time To Write While You Have A Day Job | Author From Barbados Shares Her Story {Podcast}

  1. It’s super hard to write when you’ve got a full-time job and family. Honestly you just gotta fit it in whenever you can, in small portions!

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