Coming Up With The Right Title For Your Blog Post

Like a book, song, album, or event, your post needs a title: a descriptive tag line that gives a clear clue as to what the content included is about. Make this as catchy and accurate as possible.

At times I like applying rhymes and alliteration or coming up with headings that have a naturally percussive phrasing. (That’s probably because of my songwriting and book writing background, so don’t feel pressured to be rhythmic in your writing.)

What’s This Post About?

If it were a meal, what would be the main ingredient or flavour description?

For instance, here’s an example of an existing post on my blog: “Making Time For Moments That Matter, Even When The Pace Is Up.”

What matters most to you?

Though the title may seem a bit broad, it invites the reader to interpret and relate it to their life.

The 3 Ms add a dash of alliteration and the metronome-like cadence between the words carries a rhythmic swing throughout the sentence. To me, that sparks a subconscious joy that reminds me of being in the primary school playground on the swing set…wind in my face and grass twinkling at my ankles.

If, as the writer, I experience that joy in shaping a title, chances are, the readers will too.

The l’il trailer after the comma, ‘Even When The Pace Is Up’ is optional but in this case, intentional. It’s one thing to make time when you’ve got nuff free time and another when the pace is up. And so – the 6 additional words for context.


Here’s another, more concise and self-explanatory title: “Tending To Your Wellness While Taking Care Of Business.” Your wellness habits may look different from mine or another’s readers, but we all (hopefully) have a common understanding of what wellness is or at least, implies.

The title you assign is important because that inspires or detracts readers from clicking and reading your content. The feature photo too. Take time to come up with a memorable (and suitable) title without overwhelming yourself or subconsciously sabotaging the publishing process. It matters, but it isn’t rocket science.

It may come to you at the very end of writing the post, or you may lead with the title already set as a guideline. Even if you decided on a title before writing the actual post (in your notes of blog post ideas), review what you wrote to assess if the title still fits.

There’s nothing ‘set in stone’ saying you can’t tweak that title at some point (better earlier than later) but for tracking and consistency in promotion purposes, decide on the most appropriate easy-to-read title that appeals to your readers.

Note the most prominent word in the title you choose and make sure it directly relates to what you’re writing about.

And remember – blogging involves a lot of work, but please don’t let the mechanics and maintenance of it override the joy of the journey.

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