Encouragement For Aspiring Bloggers

Are you called to blog but are feeling a bit nervous about the process or overwhelmed by the idea of being consistent with your writing? Here’s some sisterly encouragement and maintenance tips for you. We can have all the free resources, tech tools and planning apps, but one thing is for sure: mindset, mission and motivation matter. So, that’s why encouragement for your online writing journey is the fruit of today’s topic especially if blogging is something you are called to do and writing is a big part of who you are; not just something you’re vaguely interested in.


It can seem a bit overwhelming at first :

  • starting a blog
  • continuously populating it with posts
  • designing and producing multi-media info
  • editing and more editing
  • learning and navigating the backend of your site
  • sharing links to introduce and market
  • keeping it active online and pressing repeat on all that, to be a blogger…

but you don’t have to know every – single – thing about the entire journey to take a series of steps forward. Very often, procrastination, comparison, intimidation, and feelings of overwhelm can tug at any of us, inciting subconscious self-sabotage. Do you know those are enemy tactics? Be kind to and honest with yourself, but not complacent.You’re not alone in having those moments from time to time, but I hope the tips shared in this post can help take some pressure off and free you up to:

  • remember why you want to blog
  • think about what you’re gonna blog about
  • consider who (or whom) you are sharing your message/business/product with
  • decide when you’ll post (as in, how often) and set a pace that challenges your writing rhythm so there’s no complacency, and encourages your readers to click ‘follow’ because they can see you’re present and not passive.
  • understand how to get started/stay disciplined and navigate the top tech tools to be most productive

It’s one thing to put something on the ‘back burner,’ and another thing to actually turn on the stove for that burner and get that dish cooking. Our blog is different from our journal (that’s probably in your room or somewhere by your desk), in that it’s written/typed and shared in a public place. That sounds like something intended to encourage, equip, enhance, or educate others in some way. It’s designed for the readers who visit your online space; not just for the blogger – even if or when some posts may relate to you, and some pages may link to your business. The fact that someone else takes the time to visit your blog, read and share posts, comment and click the contact page, is something to appreciate.

So when we step out of the spotlight and think about the people who are investing time into popping by your blog, a new post can become something to look forward to as opposed to roll your eyes about having to do. If you take it up a notch and pay for a premium or business plan on WordPress, you might be more likely to post frequently. Time is also an investment, and that might be what’s causing the hesitation. Because patience has its place, without any rush, remember to consider the purpose behind what you’re sharing online…because some messages are really important time-wise.

Set a tempo.

There are many groups for bloggers where you’ll find insight, steps and encouragement. I’ve found the blogging community on WordPress sunny, encouraging and helpful. (Shoutout to ‘The Art Of Blogging‘.) When you start your blog, check out blogs you like, subscribe, share a kind comment – favourite posts, introduce yourself without being pushy…don’t hide and be a fly on the wall. You’re not a fly.

Everyone started somewhere. Don’t be embarrassed about where you are, or how much you think you have to learn about blogging to start your journey of online writing. Some people will yawn, chuckle, laugh, whizzee-whizzee while you find your footing with your online writing, and that’s alright. Keep on writing, growing and posting – once you’re called to. Seasons of siestas and silence have their place too.

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