The Gift Of Compassion

Compassion is something that reminds you you have a pulse in a world that’s fast becoming cold and aloof.

If you know someone enduring a challenging season right now, please reach out and give them the gift of love…of a listening ear…of a compassionate heart…of a caring smile…a kind gesture…a prayer from a distance…a meal…an encouraging word…


If that someone is you, sending compassion your way.

None of knows exactly what the other has been through or will face. You could seem like the toughest woman or the most macho man but when we make assumptions about someone’s strength based on outward behaviour it isn’t accurate.

Strength isn’t determined by what’s on the outside, but rather, what’s tucked away inside.

If you’re in a joyful place, let that joy overflow and share it with others.

A tough time? Please don’t let it define or confine you, and don’t get attached to that season. “Joy cometh in the morning.”

A wise someone recently shared that very often what you go through will help you to one day help others who may face the same challenges.

Like you, my life has known seasons…some filled with smiles and bright memories and others designed to snuff me out or create an environment of despair, but God is good ALL THE TIME and it’s His promises I cling to and His love I’m strengthened by. He cares for you, no matter if you believe in Him – now THAT’s LOVE.


In this world where so many are keeping up appearances, it can be challenging to be open and honest about tough times…those moments when a kind word can feel like a breath of fresh air and a warm hug like a refreshing glass of water after a long run.

As we get ready to greet a new calendar year, by grace, I hope each day is brighter for you – on that note, a few thoughts…

Cherish your loved ones while they’re still here, as time is not promised…

Let’s lend a helping hand to others in need, without making a big deal out of it…

You’re still here and there’s a purpose for your life that goes way beyond your career…

Let’s be kinder and less aggressive…
We will either be a sweet aroma, pungent odour or distant memory in the lives of others…

Live grateful. It’s not always easy, but it does wonders for the mind and soul and is a magnet for miracles from above…

True and loyal friends are rare – cherish yours, and be one…

Humility is like a breath of fresh air, and pride is a loud belch in the face

Please don’t be too proud to say ‘sorry’ or too cold to forgive…

It’s okay to cry sometimes. If you ‘never’ do, you might be constipated and not know it.

There’s no joy to be found in the pain of another, even if that person caused you pain.

Don’t let pop culture define the words ‘cool’ and ‘fun’ for you. Those change as you grow.

Some of us can paint what looks like an ocean, but none of us can make and sustain the sea, the heavens, and the earth – know our place and trust His plan.

Count your blessings

Just thought to share this for anyone who could do with this reminder today.

If you found this post helpful or encouraging, feel free to share it with someone you care about.

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