Refreshing your Creative Process & Overcoming Overwhelm

Have you ever noticed that rushing around and being frazzled drains the fountain of creativity? We all have different things ‘on our plate’ to tend to and the pace that works well for you might reap different results for someone else, but it’s important to monitor the tempo of the tasks in our lives.

Instead of subtly arm-wrestling about who’s busiest, whose life is more demanding and who is more exhausted and in need of a vacation, we can take a pause for a cause to get re-acquainted with what matters most and consider a healthier way to manage the gifted time we’re given.

Sometimes, when there seems to be a lull or drought in our creativity it’s an indicator that there’s a monsoon in different areas of life, whether that looks like a jam-packed schedule, a season of challenges, or too many frequencies at the same time (interacting with too many people or large crowds frequently.)

Let’s face it – there are also moments when creativity needs a l’il siesta in order to be refreshed, so we’re not just copying and pasting and producing the same thing in the same way at a robotic rhythm.

Overworking one muscle or gift and not developing another, can also cause creative exhaustion or frustration: so can a life where the volume in your surroundings is always at full blast.

So what rhythm works best for you?

I’ve lost count as to the amount of comments on how ‘fun’ my creative projects (including this blog) must be. And yes, because I love what I do, joy is always included but so are focus, concentration and discipline.

Everything (but miracles) takes effort, and what looks like constant fun usually requires moments of tedium that is fueled by vision and maintained through commitment.

stop to smell the fragipanis

If you’ve ever been to a studio session or band rehearsal, worked on a painting, knitted, designed, repaired or edited anything, you probably found out after the first hour – the creative result that gets the applause was the fruit of hours of meticulous dedication.

It doesn’t mean it isn’t enjoyable, but creativity takes vision, work and time. And while we’re being creative, we all have responsibilities, like bills, to take care of so pace matters.

If your gifts and skills can generate income on-the-spot whether through creative services or easy-to-produce-and-place products, fabulous! If you’re a visual artist working on massive paintings that take months to finish, you’ll need to tap into other cash streams while you complete assignments. Already have a day job and now nurturing your creative business, save as much as you can from that salary and be disciplined about your time.

Do you have a vision for the creative project you’d like to work on or have you decided on a theme for that book, blog, event or _____________? Maybe some quiet time with your notebook or the Notes section on your phone, to jot down a refreshed view of that project you’re called to do, might be helpful.

Are you purposely carving out time to tend to the tasks involved and take some steps forward?

What’s working well now and what’s not?

What time of the day are you the more refreshed and mentally alert, and how can you sync that time with taking a step towards seeing your creative project to fruition?

It’s important not to overwhelm or sabotage yourself by placing to-dos as these massive goals that define your worth, ‘ cause they don’t.

But if you’ve been feeling a bit disheartened about nurturing a gift and completing a creative project you’re called to, make a clear note about what it is, start setting aside pockets of time to tend to it, remember the purpose, and pace yourself well so you can actually enjoy the process.

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