Blog before book or book before blog?

The description under the pic on the blogging group’s Instagram made a quip about most writers blogging to avoid having to finish their pending books. Is it that way for you?

Do you have a book you might be postponing completing yet you still ‘find time’ to blog instead?

Just asking because having spent over BBD.$10,000 (around USD.$5,000) to publish, place and promote print books years before starting this blog, along with writing 4 eBooks, that isn’t the case for me. I enjoy blogging just as much as when I opened that first box of books at the printery.

Would I take on that printing cost again? No thanks, at least not right now. But the bookstore pitching experience still comes in handy when sending emails to potential clients or in face to face meetings.

So, are you writing a book or aspiring to? Do you have a blog already or waiting to start one after your first book hits online and real-life stores?

A book isn’t and doesn’t have to be the be-all-and-end-of a writer’s journey or career. There are many different avenues you can explore for your writing whether for:

  • proposals
  • copyrighting
  • scripts
  • songs & jingles
  • magazine or newspaper articles or newsletters
  • blogging
  • poetry events
  • public relations content 
  • poetry events
  • physical or ebooks

(and I’m probably missing a few. Feel free to add in the comments.)

If you are working on a book, make sure you’re purposely setting aside (gifted) time to concentrate on that project and make some strides, while you tend to your blog and prep it as an introductory platform for your debut as an author. Or batch your blog content at a pace that frees up time to write your book while having scheduled blog posts published automatically (WordPress has that feature, by the way.)

Try to make good use of the quiet moments in each day (or night) and refresh your brain with some organic inspiration – as in – get some fresh air (ideally in creation.)

If the essence of your book is different from the content on your blog, it can be an intense workout for the brain. Here’s a post that shares some tips on writing multiple assignments with different composition styles .

Whether you have a blog and are planning on writing a book or you have a book and don’t yet have a blog or website, pace yourself and assign time to work on each of them. They tend to harmonize well together.

Set the goal and avoid time-consuming distractions so you can write with clarity.

A little reminder: you’re not more of a writer if you have a book and you’re no less of a writer if you haven’t yet started a blog.

Of course, books came before blogs but today, when blog content can be transposed in a book format and book topics can offspring into blog content, sharing your writing is at the core of them both.

What kind of writing do you do?

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6 thoughts on “Blog before book or book before blog?

    1. Thanks for sharing and enjoy writing your book. Here are 4 YouTubers who share fabulous and practical writing tips for authors. Check them out when you can: author Brittany Wang, Joi Wade, Mari Suggs, and Charlotte & Tom. Happy writing and see you again here soon

    2. Oh and once you decide on a topic, theme or message…set aside some time and just start, without editing…just write so the process doesn’t seem intimidating. Celebrating your journey already!

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