How To Start A Podcast | Checklist & Tech Talk

Have you been thinking about starting a podcast? Not sure where to start or what’s involved in planning and uploading an episode?

Let’s walk through the prep and maintenance steps together. I made a list for you so here’s how to start a podcast using

One of the cool things about is it’s a springboard to get on other platforms like iTunes, Stitcher, Google and more. At the moment, Joy within is on 10 platforms but I upload content directly to


  • Write a theme and paragraph description of your podcast
  • Decide on a launch date or season
  • Think of a title
  • Set a publishing schedule and general episode duration
  • Create a free account on
  • Make a list of categories and topics
  • Choose intro music and at least 3 template tones (like a bell, chimes, harp or special sound effect to use for different segments
  • Make a list of potential guests
  • Draft a welcoming and concise invitation letter and use that as the template
  • Design podcast artwork and the feature pic for episodes with guests
  • Draft a release form for guests (if needed, or log the email invitation and confirmation)
  • Email invitations (with ideal date and time) and request a promotional pic, byline and social media handles
  • Follow up with intermittent (not pressing) calls or messages to re-confirm
  • Add event in Google Calendar and invite guest by email. That way, they can also confirm there and any reminder/s you set will also notify your guest simultaneously.
  • Do research (on topic/guest) and make necessary notes
  • Prep (at least) 3 main points to highlight if hosting solo and (at least) 9 questions for interviews
  • Record episode (ideally with a good mic. Most of the time, I use an AKG 414 and Logic Pro. You can also record using your phone mic or a headset mic, but a top mic is much better for clarity in your audio.) Start where you are, and grow from there.
  • Promote artwork for the upcoming episode on your blog and social media
  • Edit and review content
  • Listen meticulously to audio then transcribe, proofread and write description (make notes of interesting quotes)
  • Batch content for episodes when you can
  • Upload and publish episode. Share on your blog (inserting transcribed text)
  • Send links to any interviewed guests first
  • Promote new link and your podcast channel

Pull up your favourite chair and listen to Joywithin podcast here

So, let’s have a quick tech talk. Here’s a run-through out the apps to use so it all comes together well: – free app and podcast springboard platform where customer service reps actually reply to your emails. You can monetize your podcast (once you’re in certain countries – Barbados isn’t yet one, but that’s okay) by recording pre-written scripts for their affiliates and inserting the clips anywhere into any episode.

Grammarly – spellchecker and sentence structure suggestion program

Trello (here’s a link to a video tutorial)

Canva – the graphic design app of choice for creative freelancers

Social media: fb, IG, Twitter, LinkedIn…

So now you have the prep steps outlined and tech mentioned, how do you keep track of your content? Well, I recommend logging the following info for each of your podcast episodes in Trello, Asana or another project management app of your choice, for your archives:

⁃ transcribed text

⁃ related artwork

⁃ log links

⁃ episode description

⁃ confirmation email/any release forms

⁃ publishing date

⁃ guest info (website, social media)

Maintaining a channel takes planning, patience, proactivity and consistency.

Click here to listen to Joywithin podcast and share a link to an episode you like with someone you love.

Meanwhile, is any specific content topic you’d like me to share on or post about to help you on your creative career journey?

Here’s the link to my podcast. You can listen to interviews sharing creative career journeys and refreshment reminders for everyday life.

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15 thoughts on “How To Start A Podcast | Checklist & Tech Talk

  1. Great tips. I am creating podcasts, but am not having guests. At the moment I dont have a schedule or a plan, I guess I should.

    I never heard of anchor. Thank you for introducing that to me.

    Great post and steps.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I plan to start a podcast and a docu-series. I am doing all the research now because there are so many topics and things I want to discuss and talk about but I don’t know where to start. This list definitely put things into perspective for me.

    1. That’s lovely to hear, Jasmine. Once you start, it can grow, blossom and flourish. Feel free to share your podcast when you launch so I can celebrate your journey too. Have a sweet and safe day wherever you are on the map

  3. I am planning to start a Podcast within the next month and you’ve saved me from writing my own to do list!

  4. Sweet! It’s very doable. Have a theme picked out yet? Feel free to share when you launch so we can celebrate your steps and tune in too.

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