Build Your Blog | From an Audience of 1 To readers in many countries

Would you like your blog’s readership to grow – authentically?

When I started blogging on WordPress in March 2013, there was no growth plan, editorial calendar or steady rhythm for post promotion. I was called to start a blog, also missed writing (something other than songs) and was in a quiet place in life after an intense travel-and-on-the-road schedule.

For a short season, the blog had an audience of one…but I was called to keep on writing – sharing encouragement, recipes and photos from outdoor adventures online.

I decided to kick shyness to the curb and click share on posts, fanning them out on social media, without any fanfare.

Eventually, it made more sense to sync platforms so that as posts are published on WordPress, they’re automatically shared on whatever other social sites you set them to align with.

That way, you don’t have to leave it to memory or do it manually each time you write a new post.

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After taking the step to share, something started happening.

People from different destinations started clicking ‘follow’ and joining the journey that shared content like: Barbados by Boat, outdoor climbs and beautiful views and this recipe.

I’ll do my best to keep bringing content tips and refreshment reminders to help you launch and grow your blog and business.

In time, I started sharing content tips for aspiring bloggers and a few tech video tutorials to help you manage your content, since the purpose of this blog is also to equip other writers, not just share pretty pics of Barbados.

The value of your blog isn’t determined by how many readers it has, just like your worth isn’t defined by how many things you own.

Since we’re talking about building your blog and expanding the reach of the message and content you’re sharing through it, here are a few proactive steps you can take to increase the odds of visibility and successful connection.

  1. Set a steady writing rhythm.

And 1-2-3-4 and 1-2-3-4 and…when there’s a significant break in that tempo, people wonder if the music has stopped playing, or in this case, if the writer has stopped writing.

Set a schedule or flow for your writing and blogging that’s challenging but not overwhelming. Here’s a post on that.

2. Refine your style and upgrade your content.

Keep seeing too many typos after you’ve clicked publish? Download Grammarly free, and get real-time digital assistance with spelling and sentence-structure.

Maybe you start out with text-only posts, and graduate to including photos to illustrate the message and add a descriptive visual.

Joy within‘ blog started out with text and photos, and now includes guest posts and multi-media content for the podcast and YouTube channel. You don’t have to do the same, but there’s always scope for growth. Including more media ultimately involves more work, learning time and using different editing tools.

3. Stay consistent, without holding yourself hostage to time.

Here’s where your Content Calendar, notes with blog post ideas and purposeful writing time work together to keep content on the conveyor belt that is your blog.

4. Share your content

Whether it’s individual posts or your blog as a whole, sharing is important, as awkward as it feels at first (and for awhile after that.) It’s one thing to publish to the blogging platform of your choice, and another to share through e-mail and your social media pages.

Picture it like sending out a memo to let people know fresh content is now available, as opposed to “hey, come look at what I just did” kind of thing.

You’re blogging, not journaling in a notebook hidden in a box under your bed or resting on your desk.

5. Read other blogs and support other bloggers.

There are a lot of good blogs and countless skilled writers. Support them, out of genuine interest, and share a kind comment when compelled.

The blogging community is very supportive, at least that’s been my experience on and beyond WordPress. Do a collab, feature a guest post, ask to do one. Just get brave but be polite, not pushy.

6. Get acquainted with your blog readers and the back-end of WordPress. The stats and graphics we see representing people and countries are more than just numbers to make our eyebrows budge.

readers' countries logged on Feb. 19th, 2020
readers’ countries logged on Feb. 19th, 2020

They represent human beings from different backgrounds and locations with varying life experiences; all taking precious time to read your posts, click like, comment, share links and hopefully subscribe to your blog.

stats from Feb. 19th, 2020
Feb. 19th, 2020

The fruit of your blog is one point of similarity that connects them with you.

7. SEO

Make use of keywords that directly relate to your post. Add those in the tags and categories section and also in the body of the actual post. Try not to make them too broad, so that your blog has more of a chance being pin-pointed.

SEO (search engine optimization) is like a smoke signal that helps people distinguish your blog from the barrage of online hubs in motion.

Sometimes I do this meticulously and other times, not so much but that’s because I like to challenge my attachment to outcome in seasons.

Enjoy the journey.

No one likes to roll their eyes before doing something, or sigh and complain every time a task has to be done. Decide on if blogging is something you’re truly called to do and pour joy and commitment into the process.

People don’t have to read our posts; they choose to. That’s something to appreciate.

Feb. 22nd, 2020

On that note, thanks for reading today’s post. We’re on the home stretch but just thought to mention here.

Blogging takes work, and it can still be enjoyable regardless of the amount of energy, research, writing, commitment and editing it takes.

For those moments when you might be feeling a little overwhelmed or a bit frustrated, Here are 5 Skills You Learn The Better You Blog. I hope that encourages you to press on, enjoy your online writing journey and remember your readers and the purpose of your message.

So, will you be writing a blog post today?

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Start your online writing journey here. (by clicking the link, you’ll help this blog earn points to put towards keeping up with content for you.)

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