Recognizing Priorities (Amidst A Pandemic)

Wherever you are on the map, i hope you’re well and safely inside. As i sit here by a window typing this post, the sun is shining through the living room and birds are doing their thing outside.

It’s happening so fast. Changes on every level, in every circle in almost every country on the entire map.

In what seems like hummingbird speed, restaurants, hotels, major organizations, festivals and sports events (NBA to Olympics), and gatherings and now the local Supreme Court here in Barbados have shut-up-shop.

Yesterday evening, while getting some fresh air and taking a light walk to scout for dunks (seasonal fruit here in ‘Bim‘) and moringa leaves, i saw something totally out of the ordinary.

Further down the road, three people were on what looked like a casual walk. Nothing new there. Because i have eyes, i noticed they happened to be Asian. Ok, cool – so what? Everyone is created with the same love. My family has many skin tones an nationalities in it and having gone to a mixed primary school, lived happily with families of different races and travelled a lot before, that would have otherwise been a yawn-able fact.

But they were all wearing face masks. In Barbados. Now, that’s a first.

Onto the fruit of this post that’s intended to encourage (and yes i made a calm detour to reach home.)

Regardless of if you’re a believer or not, you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that something major is going on around the world right now.

This thing has demanded everyone’s attention and influenced physical social behaviour on a massive scale – in record time.

Though people’s responses will be different, across multiple countries instructions are the same. Stay inside. Limit outdoor movement. Wash your hands.

Aside from what we’ve been told by health authorities, many have been recognizing or redefining priorities.

i used to think that having a good sense of humour was the answer to overcoming situations, until it stopped working. ‘Pep talks’ and motivational memes can only go so far; kinda like riding a bicycle on balloons instead of wheels.

Comedy talk show hosts have run out of jokes to address the coronavirus. Hollywood has turned off the spotlight and ‘gone dark’ until further notice. Annual concerts and festivals have dropped the mic to head inside. A few 7-figure coaches have e-mailed me pitching packages 2 and 3 times a day, and the list goes on.

In Barbados, 24 out of 81 hotels and a legacy restaurant have officially closed. Some visitors are being side-eyed instead of welcomed with open arms – a huge difference in a matter of moments influenced by reports of imported cases.

Travel has instantly lost its glamour and appeal, and the local government’s pitch to make staycations attractive has fallen on deaf ears.

  • Working from home is now practically a policy for still-standing companies that hadn’t seemed to contemplate it as an option before. Now all of a sudden, it’s more than a possibility. It’s recommended and already in-motion.

That said, business owners and recently let-go employees have to tweak services, boost resourcefulness, tap into any existing savings and pray for the best.

With millions of children out of schools and at home with parents, grandparents and care-givers, many families are living together 24/7 instead of spending interludes of time during the day.

  • Family time and friendships are put on the top shelf more frequently whether in-person or online.
  • Some of the overworked are finding time to rest. Many churches, previously gathered together under one roof are corralled online publicly praying and worshipping.
  • People are learning new skills, from cooking to painting. Though they’re topical distractions with creative outcomes, we’re all strongly considering our use of the time we’re given.
  • Forgiveness is at the fore of some of our hearts and minds. Grudges are the most insignificant things to hold onto at this time – well, in general.
Some couples are slowing down to appreciate each other more.

After we turn this page, there are still ramifications and much more to come whether some of us are here for the sequel or ready for the road.

At this time and beyond, we are to keep our spiritual eyes open, remain in fervent prayer, walk in faith and ask God for His wisdom, not ours. As a work-in-progress who sometimes slips while climbing, i’m in no position to collectively calm anyone, but i can point you in the right direction and hope you’ll heed.

If you don’t have one already, PLEASE get a bible (with all verses in tact – ideally in print, but online is fine for now) and start to read it daily. While it’s important to wash our hands in general, it’s way more important to be washed with God’s pure Word.

All of this was in the memo! And there’s more.

Before i was a believer, i would’ve rolled my eyes so hard or purposely yawned at that so i’m not judging if you did just now. But when i became a new creation by grace, for a moment i was so upset and disappointed with those who care about me yet hadn’t shared that with me.

It’s like seeing someone standing at the edge of a cliff with a plastic bag as a parachute and tellin’ them, ‘have funnn.’

i BEG you to open a window in your heart and let LOVE in. And turn to Psalm 91:10 today.

Scientists are in a lab studying but God is on the throne. We were taken by surprise, but not Him. And there is much more that we have to be ready for.

Still, tears and prayers for the ill, for the fearful, for the elderly, the little and the differently able…the soon-to-be mothers with child, the responsible dads lovingly leading their families…the health care workers and journalists on the frontline…the homeless…the gangster who is secretly afraid…the girl posting selfies to distract her from the anxiety…and even the cold-hearted…

be safe y’all…

Love you!

Have your priorities changed in this season? Who and what means the most you right now?

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