Fresh Air Moments On The West Coast of Barbados (Photo Tour)

What do your fresh air moments look like these days?

Mine look pretty much the same at first glance, but since each day has its own essence, there’s always something new to notice and appreciate.

So today, I’m inviting you on a virtual nature walk on the west (coast of Barbados) with me. I hope you find these nature pics from everyday walks refreshing and they add a l’il sunshine to your day.

Whatever ‘outside’ or ‘fresh air’ look like for you, it’s not about comparison ’cause we’re all basically on ‘lockdown’ in this season. I love seeing spring flowers and autumn leaves in other countries probably as much as you might admire turquoise waters and tropical trees.

Come, let’s go for that walk…have your virtual slippers on?

mango tree blossoming.

bright bougainvillea and a cruise ship camped out in the distance

almond tree in the sunlight. When’s the last time you had an almond straight from de tree?

took this pic before the national curfew, but it suits this post so adding to the mix
before curfew kicked in, the coast was almost crowded on a daily basis, with fishing boats, yachts and watersport rides from morning til evening. It was starting to look like a lot like road traffic and a nightmare for free divers. When i used to go snorkleling wayyy beyond the big boats in 80ft water, you had to watch your head every time a jet ski or boat zipped by unless you wanted an involuntary hair cut. For about 2 weeks now, it’s just cruise ships in the distance, a few tiny boats and the odd strange-looking vessel. Another recent photo showing the difference in ocean activity coming up a scroll or two away.

sweet sunset. It’s like a fresh gift every day.

windmill, windmill, coconut tree and breadfruit tree. Ever had breadfruit? Roast it, boil it, pickle it or fry ‘um – however you make it, gotta love it!
not a boat in sight, except that cruise ship in the distance

I hope this photo tour made you feel like you just enjoyed some fresh air, even if you happen to be in an a/c apartment somewhere.

Thanks for taking a virtual walk with me, and also for being so patient. It’s been a little over a week since I posted (sorry about that) but I’ve been in the home studio writing fresh songs, recording vocals for my upcoming E.P and working on projects for musical clients.

Writing songs is different from composing blog posts, so I tend to do them (better) at different intervals.

See the sidebar on the right hand side of this post? The one called ‘Siempre Quedas‘ was written and recorded about two weeks ago. If you have a moment, press play, have a listen and feel free to share. I hope it adds some comfort and sunshine to your day.

New post around the corner.

Con amor…

This morning

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