Scheduling well While Working From Home (Tech Talk)

Getting any work done lately? Whether working-from-home is your regular rhythm or it’s a new thing for you, it takes some discipline and mindset-setting to get it done well.

I’m not saying this as a pro, but for 7 years I’ve been working mostly from home, which looks way different from when I was working partially from home. Let’s just say that when I go out, it’s ‘a thing.’

Even though working-from-home (ideally) offers much more ‘time freedom,’ some sort of structure and motivation gotta to be part of the equation, when designing your day and managing your work load while taking care of the home.

Otherwise you’d just be in the house or apartment randomly remembering, “oh yeah! I got work to do” but not fueling those words with clear, effective action.

A gentle question for the remote workers reading this: do you usually schedule tasks when you’re in the company office or workplace?

If you said, yes – cool.

A gentle question for the regular work-from-homers: when you have client meetings, family outings or out-of-the-office appointments, do you schedule them? Even if you’ve been using a paper planner, fridge magnet notepad, cafe napkin or a digital calendar, that still counts as some sort of time mapping something.

What about job/tv/radio/podcast interviews? You betta believe we all conveniently make a point to jot those down or type them out somewhere, so we remember.

While the mind and memory are precious things, there are free digital tools that can make managing a business or mapping a mission clearly outlined.

I don’t know about you, but when I’m songwriting in de l’il home studio, thanksgiving, or in the kitchen or garden, there’s a big chance I might be a tad late for that also-important business meeting. Sometimes – on purpose, the phone isn’t close by to sound off a notification saying, “ummm, you should be getting ready, or at least tame your natural hair for this or that – by this time?”

And so – scheduling.

Scheduling well while working from home works well too.

You’re right. Writing something in a box on a grid or logging an activity or event into a line on a digital chart doesn’t guarantee that we’re in charge of time at all, and it doesn’t physically push us to do or move…but it does remind us of something on the horizon, so we have the option of prepping for it.

Let’s face it – how many of us penciled in this global situation going on right now? (If you’re cloudy about what that is, read the Word and peruse the news, social timelines and YouTube or google the date for a memo.)

That said, it’s important to share here that God has a pure plan and the enemy has an stinkin’ agenda, so it would be healthy and helpful for us to prioritize how we’ll share, use and spend the time, breath and life we’re gifted with.

On that note, let’s talk about scheduling. It can be a superficial thing because we’re not in control of time. But, it’s still a gift we can put to work.

And so – Google Calendar:

If you don’t yet use it, it’s pretty cool to make use of, and you can sync your calendar with your ‘smart’ phone. That way you’ll get a reminder on your phone, if your laptop or tablet isn’t nearby at the moment you set the notification to highlight the upcoming thing to do or person to call.

I wrote a post about it on this blog right here in case you want more in-depth details about how it works and can work for you.

Here’s a screenshot from this week’s calendar. You don’t have to add every single activity, and you can assign different calendars in different categories with customized colours, if you like.

This week it’s mostly interviews with guests for on ‘Joy within’ podcast, an online meeting, Breathwork/Vocal session with a client, yard work, and a coaching call with SocialBusinessBosses (which was fabulous, by the way. I highly recommend you link Natalia for her business coaching.) I didn’t add cooking and laundry this week; sometimes I do, but it’s up to you what you log in Google Calendar.

When you add an ‘event,’ here’s what the page that comes up looks like. Just enter the info like time, date, location, person, purpose, and any relevant notes. Click here for a longer walk-through the process, which literally takes less than 3 minutes, when you get the gist of it. As if type this, the meeting for the interview in this pic is scheduled 3 hours from now.

Working from Home involves 2 keywords: Work + Home

How do you ‘time-block’ when it comes to things you take seriously, like a job for a big company? Your business and time is also something to take seriously. We want our clients, customers, team and potential investors to.

A calendar doesn’t make anything more important just like logging stuff on a line or in a box doesn’t actually save the date. But hey, it’s just a cool digital tool that comes in handy when scheduling.

A calendar is part of a time management toolkit, but it’s up to us to decide how we’ll make use of that time.

So, do you use Google Calendar? How’s it working for you and are you still using it now you’re working from home?

If you’re new to the digital calendar club, don’t let the tech intimidate you. If you have a Facebook account, it’s just as easy to use but much more helpful when it comes to scheduling tasks for your business.

Thanks for reading.

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