Paying It Forward Through Creative Arts | Interview with Aquila Ashby (video)

It’s important to encourage and celebrate the youth, especially when they’re making steps, using their gifts and time wisely, and growing from strength the strength.

Today’s post (and video) features someone who does just that.

She is a teacher and the founder/director of Conquerors On Stage Performing Arts Programme, in Barbados.

Meet Aquila Ashby.

We had a light talk about her career journey from academia into creativity and how her background in management adds value to her role as coordinator and event planner of a high school programme.

Aquila studied Management and International Business but realized she likes “something that keeps her moving.”

“Every disappointment in a blessing.”

If you happen to be in a corporate field and are called to creativity, her walk might encourage you.

Maybe you’re wondering how what you do now can possibly connect with what you’d like to be doing. Don’t be worried. Learn where you are in this season and continue to tend to those gifts you’ve been given.

Aquila humbly emphasized how important it is to give back. The talented teens in enrolled in Conquerors On Stage Performing Arts Programme are trained in different expressions of artistry (like dance, drums, and vocals) and also gain experience learning about the tech and coordinating aspects of The Stage.

Let’s not forget the art of group rehearsals. That’s a skill and lesson in patience and endurance just by itself.

I always tell them to take a look at where you can get, and humble themselves. don’t ever get too full of pride. Humility brings about grace and peace to understand your inner self.

Aquila also shares steps on how parents and guardians can recognize and encourage the gifts in their children.

“I would still encourage everybody to always do Management; always do to their education because then that aligns you now to enhance your own business, because you would have already sowed in that knowledge.” ~ Aquila Ashby

Thanks Aquila!

Support and celebrate their journey on Instagram @conquerors_on_stage

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