Get Creative While Staying At Home | Interview With Creative Stress Relief Life Coach, Janelle James

Is working from home is new to you? I understand how challenging it can be at first, and at points along the way. Here’s an encouraging interview with some smiles and straight talk for you. 

I wrote a blog post sharing ’10 activities you can do at home to promote patience and proactivity,’ and today’s conversation harmonizes sweetly with that.

This week, it’s a creative conversation with a guest writer on the blog who happens to be a Creative Stress Relief Life Coach. Meet Janelle James from ‘Your Journey To A Positive Life.’

She shares steps you can make to take care of your home, yourself and loved ones at home amidst all that’s going on in the world right now.

“I would recommend you get up, do your morning routine, exercise – put on something pretty, fix your hair and find something to do in the house.”

Along with sharing ideas that lead to:

  • a clean home
  • a refreshed mind
  • a ‘green thumb’
  • creative projects

there’s inspiration for anyone who has had to start again or pivot in their business.

Maybe you’ve been in business for awhile and could do with some encouragement in the perseverance department. Got that here too. Janelle shares encouragement for entrepreneurs and walks us through some of her career journey.

“Normally, I would recommend a little spring-cleaning. You can always be creative. You can redecorate your room or the house. It gives you a sense of growth.

You can watch documentaries. My parents have always drilled it in my head that “everyday is a learning day” and you should learn something new. But information-overload – you have to be careful with that, especially if it has to do with the coronavirus and what’s going on in the world – society around you.

Take a free course, and expand your mind. It’s always important during this quarantine time and curfew time to stay mentally and physically active.

If you do find yourself in a hole or you notice a change in mood and you’re snapping at people really quickly and you’re aggravated easily by the slightest thing – by a noise, I would suggest: get some fresh air. Stick your head out of the window if you don’t have a yard.

Get some sun. Listen to some music; write in your journal.

We don’t have any control of what’s going on around us with this coronavirus. We only have control of how we react. As hard as times are, we have to flip and find positive words to use instead of negative words.

the editing process with a screenshot showing one of Janelle’s paintings (on the left)

It was refreshing to share with someone who has also recognized and nurtured a lot of her creative gifts throughout her life, and so I’ll close this post with more nuggets of wisdom shared by today’s guest.

You’ve got to use your talents. They might not stick as one, but together combined. And that’s why Creative Stress Management Life Coaching is my calling.

God has blessed me – not with one – not with two, but with numerous talents. I’ve got to use them and get them out.”

My name is Janelle James. I have a Bachelors Degree in Community Development & Sociology from The University of Western Ontario.  I studied two (2) years of Fine Arts at The Barbados Community College and I am a Certified Life Coach.

A couple of years ago I went through a number of stressful life changing situations. My Dad died, I had a miscarriage, I had a nervous breakdown at work then a couple of months later my position was made redundant and I was therefore out of work.
As an Artist I used my talents & overcame my obstacles while managing my stressers. I wrote and self published a book titled, “EMOTRY  Self Expression” which contains My poetry & My Fine Art Photography. My aim is to take my experiences & talents and HELP others learn to over come and manage their own stressful situations while using various methods of art.

Read more guest posts from the ‘Celebrate A Sister‘ series right here

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