Listening More To Love Each Other Better | Podcast Interview with Roman Mironov

Whether you live alone or you’re a part of a small or large household, good communication and healthy relationships are beneficial to us all.

Good communication is important on so many levels but it can be challenging at times. Since we’re all works in progress and any given day has a buffet of variables to test, tempt or build us, some insight from a professional can go a long way.

Sometimes we think communication is just words or actions, but listening (well) is also a big part of the picture.

And so, Roman Mironov joins us again to share practical steps on how we can make use of this mandatory ‘stay at home’ season, by sharing time intentionally and listening more to love each other better.

Listen to interview here


I asked our guest for tips to help:

  • people living in large families to communicate better while respecting each other’s personal boundaries
  • anyone who is new to staying home for long blocks of time
  • add some fun group activities to the household
  • us understand our patterns and set healthier ones

‘You need to invest time and ask quality questions, and then your partner will open up and they will reciprocate and start listening to you, because they will feel heard out.

Be intentional about it. You need to take action. Dedicate a specific time slot. Plan spending time together with your spouse or partner.” – Roman Mironov

Roman offers professional coaching online and enjoys helping his clients grow beyond challenges holding them back from listening well and loving intentionally, when it comes to relationships.

P.S: I guess you noticed the podcast-pace picking up lately?

Yep, it’s been a pretty full 2 weeks but all the prep, scheduling and editing time are worth the effort. Stay tuned for more interviews and thanks very much to Roman for setting aside gifted time to share his insight and knowledge on the dynamics of healthy relationships.

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