Faith-Fueled Encouragement For Women | Podcast Interview with Sharon Shannon

So, I googled ‘encouragement,’ and here’s what came up: “noun

  • 1.the action of giving someone support, confidence, or hope

Today’s guest has a message that’s flavoured with the sweet essence of encouragement.

Sharon Shannon is the writer and Certified Faith Coach behindย insharonsheart.comย  She’s also the host of its affiliate podcast.

If you’re having a particularly rough time fanning the flame of hope right now, or you could do with a good dose of sisterly love and a shortlist of forward steps you can take, click here to listen to today’s podcast episode.

Sharon shares words of wisdom and faith-fueled encouragement to help us both reflect honestly and bloom (by grace) daily.

Sharon shares some of the most poignant pages in the real-life story of how she became a Coach and Podcast Host and holds up a mirror (through her gentle yet pressing words), so we can contemplate how we truly are growing through whatever challenge or season we might face at this time.

Encouragement for creative entrepreneurs

Sometimes you have this feeling, when you’re just doing whatever you do for your podcast and all the other things that you’re doing for your business, and you just do ‘business as usual.’ We want people to be encouraged and inspired and to do better, especially emotionally. Sometimes we don’t know, the little things we’re doing – how that impacts people.” ~ Sharon Shannon.

Like Sharon says at the end of her episodes, “Be encouraged…be encouraged.”

At one point in her life, she asked what she could do to reach people who might be struggling, and that’s when she decided to start with a blog that eventually led to launching a podcast.

Through her coaching, Sharon helps (primarily) women.

I help them dig deep so they can figure out (if they were stuck like I was): why they are, where that comes from and how we can get through it. I commend people when they reach out for help, because we all need someone we can talk to…who is willing to listen to us with no judgement.

Even if we’ve gone through different things. Hurt is hurt. Pain is pain. I want women to know that they’re not alone, and it’s okay to trust someone.”

Sometimes when we’re alone in our thoughts…sometimes we can really feel like ‘ no one understands what I’m going through.’ It’s about the emotional connection. Even if we’ve gone through different things. Hurt is hurt. Pain is pain. I want women to know that they’re not alone, and it’s okay to trust someone...and I had to learn that myself.

Sometimes, we might be the outcast for whatever reason, but sometimes that’s God’s way of saying, no no, I want to set you aside.

Visit Sharon Shannon on her website and check out info on her coaching atย

Thanks for logging on and listening to today’s interview y’all – and be sure to share the joy and a link you like with someone you love.

i’m give thanks to have these bright minds, kind coaches and innovative creative entrepreneurs who shine their light through their voice right here with you and me.

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