4 Breathing Techniques For Your Morning Routine | Video

Hi – quick question, without any pressure. How’s your breathing right now?

I filmed a less-than-one-minute video for you, sharing some calming conscious breathing exercises that you can include in your morning routine, if inspired.

Depending on how consistent and focused we are, it can be easy to fall back into unhealthy habits, of any kind.

Our daily habits relate to our breathing patterns, whether that’s slouching at the desk for long chunks of time, shallow-breathing, leaning on one elbow and hip when you’re on the bed scrolling or tapping away on the phone or sitting pretzel-style on the couch.

Oh, I should mention that when you’re growing from shallow-breathing to belly-breathing mode, you might start to feel sleepy at first, or like you’re running out of breath faster.

Let the yawns flow; they’ll help relax the jaw which we tend to hold tightly or or whenever we feel tense.

Your body and mind are just adjusting to a new and improved way of breathing, so keep it up but please don’t make it something stressful.

See it as your 5 or 7 or 9 minute refreshment routine you can add to each gifted morning. Usually, that’s the most quiet part of the day, even if it means you deliberately wake up before anyone else in the house.

I came up with a checklist and graphic that I use in coaching sessions with clients, and it works well for them (and for me, since we all need reminders from along the way.

It’s called the 3Ps and a Q of breathing. You can check it out here.

Thanks for reading and here’s to better breathing.

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P.S: not a doctor – just a vocal coach

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