Career Motivation & Podcast Preparation with Scott Carson | Interview

Whether you’re in real estate or tourism or buying or selling property – whatever; we’re all in the media business these days.” ~ Scott Carson

Today’s guest on the blog and podcast, is a marketer, entrepreneur (with a background in real estate) and a nationally syndicated radio host of the popular podcast, The Note Closers Show which has millions of listeners across 17 AM and FM radio stations and downloads across 130 countries.

Have a pen and paper or typing tool nearby? You’ll want to take notes for this NoteCloser.

There are quite a few necessary nudges for creative entrepreneurs, remote workers, and aspiring podcast hosts plus insight into real estate and podcasting.

The title of this post includes the word ‘motivation,’ but as you’ll hear in the interview, Scott reminds us to not get too caught up researching productivity tactics but to commit and take action.

Listen to interview here {20:42}

time map: real estate {1:30 mins.} | podcast journey {3:00 mins.} | working-from-home {8:45 mins.} | career motivation {10:03 mins.}

Scott Carson shares: “I’ve been in marketing for over a decade. Whether you’re in real estate or tourism or buying or selling property – whatever; we’re all in the media business these days.

Starting A Blog or Podcast

What do I talk about?’ I think that’s what a lot of people realize when they’re started a blog or a podcast.

We started our podcast just about 3 years ago, on April 21st, 2017.  We did 149 episodes of just Facebook lives before that. I didn’t want to do a podcast, actually. I thought it would’ve been too much work editing.

Podcast editing

THE PODCAST PROCESS | Planning, Re-purposing & Inviting

I streamline the production. I just basically record the video or the audio and then I’ll ship the file over to them (a buddie in California) and they clean it up – edit it, post on all the platforms.

They’ll then take the full video and audio and transcribe it into a full blog, and then they log onto my website and they create a full blog out of it.

As I have guests and topics, they also create different infographics or images for each episode that I can use for marketing on social media.

I started off by just teaching a little nuggets – a little bite-sized lesson every day. Started off doing Facebook lives, with my cell phone and about 7 months later, we converted in to a full-blown podcast.

I bring on experts in my industry – vendors – other investors and then we also dabble in the mindset and business side of things, along with marketing too. So, we kinda keep it fresh for listeners. 

I’m always trying to look to provide value to my listeners, first and foremost. When I do get a block when it comes to me coming up with content, I always think, “who can I bring on that’s gonna add value to my listeners.”


I asked Scott if building his Facebook community helped generate an audience when he launched ‘The Note Closers Show’ podcast.

“It definitely helped. And, for those that are out there – depending on what your focus is, you need to identify where your listeners or your audience is spending their time at.”

It’s just a matter of knowing where everybody’s at and then just trying to get it everywhere – somewhere people can find you. You’ve gotta start somewhere.

In our first 12 months of having a podcast, we had over 150,000 downloads.”


I can work from home, but I do have an office; just down the street. Most of my staff works remotely anyway. I have a person that works outside of New Jersey. I have another person who works part-time for us in Orlando. I have a couple of Virtual Assistants overseas. My production staff is out of California. It didn’t take too much to transition to home.

It’s easy to kinda get down on yourself. You have to build habits into what you do on a daily basis, for the most part.

Scott shares on the importance of scheduling, itemizing tasks and keeping up with group communication (for teams.)

Look at your schedule. We all know kids do better on a schedule. We, as adults do better on a schedule too, for the most part. 

If you get up at 8 when you’re going to your work, then get up at 8 o’clock and walk across the hall to your office, or go outside and record. 

You’ve gotta be flexible. Maybe it’s not as ‘perfect’ as it would be if it was in your office, but everybody’s dealing with that now, so it’s okay. If you’re trying to be perfect every time, it’s never gonna get delivered.

It may not look like the most cookie-cutter office-looking thing, but getting something done is a lot better than not getting anything done. Plan to do something every day.

Just do something to be consistent.”

Along with career motivation galore, Scott Carson shares some digital resources for transcription, and tips for building your online community organically here.

He specializes in finding nonperforming notes on residential and commercial properties and purchasing these notes for the business portfolio. Visit today and subscribe to The Note Closers Show on iTunes and major podcast platforms.


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