A Fresh Look at Content Management

From content writing and creating to content coordinating, managing and curating, content is key…yet, we hardly hear about content living.

Not complacency, which for some reason, many minds flicker on for a moment when we hear the word content

Contentment, as in being thankful for what we have and where we are. Things don’t have to be perfect for us to be grateful, and I’m sharing this as a non-expert in the area – just a willing work-in-progress.

When we choose to recognize and remember blessings instead of contemplating and counting challenges, that’s also content management. 

If you just rolled your eyes at that – you might want to skip straight to this post that shares content steps related to managing your blog/business here.

Because we tend to be forgetful and can be so ‘own-way’ or puffed-up when we’re ready, it’s a life-long journey. 

Could you imagine being brilliant at using all the top content tech tools but living miserable in real life while excelling in the content business?

Being thankful refreshes the mind, strengthens the heartbeat, ejects the bitter and replaces it with the tender.

It doesn’t change a situation directly (or sometimes at all), but it can help us breathe better through challenges with a healthier thought life and more patient attitude – at least I find so, even if that’s after a pouting session, wave of tears or spring-cleaning marathon.

While we may want, pray for, dream of and work towards ‘the more,’ something special…something tender happens in our moody hearts when gratitude pours in to wash away the sediment and stains from residue thoughts and wounds that don’t make it to our IG feed.

Being tender in a tough world that likes to knock-out, roundhouse-kick and tease, isn’t easy and it might not be appealing to many. I get it. This isn’t an application form; just a blog post about content.

Check it though – like now during a global situation, how many are pausing to think about what matters most and how precious the gift of time is.

Even if you’re now starting your online writing journey and thinking about what content to post, you’ve probably also recently been considering content in its purest form.

Not the other kind of content that I also like and blog about here (apps, planners, posts and podcast episodes)…but that quiet deep breath and inner smile and gratefulness for life that springs forth like when you see a newborn baby or observe a hummingbird pause on a branch, watch the sunset ripple across seawater, remember a heavenly promise, slowly sip a hot drink after a full day or put on a cosy sweater when it’s raining.

Ever got over a bad cold and your first clear breath after all that wheezing felt amazing – or lost your voice for a few days and it eventually came back – or struggled with a health issue that’s now been healed (by grace and mercy)?

Well, you know firsthand how we can take things like breathing, blinking and moving on our own – any and everything really, for granted.

When you’ve been through some seasons and struggles, you’re in a position to grow to appreciate precious moments that are often overlooked and don’t usually ‘trend’ anywhere.

And so i want – yearn to live grateful – all by grace.

While I use the tech tools related to having a business that documents, edits and publishes multimedia content, I’m also reminded on a daily basis, that before technology was even a thing, content was and still is a part of our calling.

You’re more than a career, sis. Your business matters, yes – but there’s a purpose for your life that goes beyond what you have and do.

From this view, what does content management look and feel like to you?

Oh, and here are 2 posts with content management steps for your blog/business: “Keeping Up With Content For Your Blog

5 Top Tech Tools For Your Creative Content Business

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