A Trip To The Beach During National Curfew Ease| 6-9am Beach Time in Barbados

Hola, where are you logging on from this morning? Recently in Barbados, the national curfew eased up a bit to allow for a 3-hour window of beach time. Depending on where you are, our fresh air moments may look different, but we can appreciate them the same.

For a friend of mine in the U.S, her outings look like weekend drives with immediate family and for another, it’s long walks across their tropical property. Someone else shares photos from daily strolls in the English woods and another sweet sister posts pretty pics beside a creek in Denmark.

Regardless of where we are, fresh air is a lovely thing even if it’s drifting in through an open window in a happy home.

If you’re in ‘Bim,’ have you been walking along golden sand or swimming in turquoise water during the 6-9am beach time ‘window?’

Here are some pics from a beach on the west from Wednesday, which happened to be the same day some cruise ships gathered to do what looked like supply-re-stocking.

Apparently, the first few days since the big announcement was made on TV and published in the news, some of the beaches were crowded. Which is why I waited until things got lighter and picked a quiet beach, before taking the light walk and sweet swim.
a walk past quiet hotels and properties. Not an umbrella, lounge chair or jet ski in sight.

From Monday, there’s another ‘window’ of beach time between 4-6pm.

there were a few socially-distanced spectators up the hill and on the sand, observing the cruise ships, taking photos and listening to the huge boat honk for about 5 mins

After taking a siesta from the sea for a bit before (here’s a post about that), I’m thankful for the chance to enjoy the water, collect beautiful shells, feel sand under my feet and take a few pics to share with y’all.

From snorkeling in 80ft water and paddle-ball marathons to beach walks, swimming sprees, boat rides and cliff-fishing, the sand and sea have always been a part of my life.

It’s no secret that fresh salt air, seawater and barefoot-walking are known to be revivifying to our mind, body and mood. Today, I’m more thankful to be able to enjoy that after a good morning hike through a tree-filled path.

But you don’t have to be be here to enjoy fresh air.

waves lapping at toes

Even seeing a nature pic from somewhere else, inspires me to take a deep breath and smile. I hope this post and these pics can do the same for you, especially if you’re not able to go outside and get some fresh air right now.

Please don’t feel like you’re missing out and think of this as a photographic invitation to join in.

Have a peaceful day, ok sis? And look for the sweet surprises amidst the beauty of creation right where you are. When you recognize them, feel free to come by the blog again and share in the comments. It might inspire someone else reading this to take a deep breath today too.

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Mile trees. You might call them casuarina trees

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9 thoughts on “A Trip To The Beach During National Curfew Ease| 6-9am Beach Time in Barbados

  1. This was absolutely wonderful!
    Thanks, Dominique for sharing it on Facebook.
    Thanks, Indra for sharing your beautiful beach experience and for the invitation to join in. 😊

    1. aww thanks for coming by, Suzanne. Hope to see you here again and yes, that’s so sweet of Dominique to share the post. Have a peaceful day

  2. The beach pics are truly beautiful. The scenery inviting, powdery sand and the salty fresh air sounds delightfully heavenly. The lockdown has made us appreciate these simple things we often take for granted. Thanks for highlighting them.

  3. Hello Indra. I am logging in from my ranch near Austin, Texas. I am fortunate enough to be able to take a walk on my property with the dogs, when I want fresh air.

    Your photos are absolutely beautiful. You live in a gorgeous place. Have a great day 💕

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