Planning Your Blog Content | A Look At My Content Calendar

How’s your online writing journey so far? Excited to start the blogging journey but feeling a bit overwhelmed at the idea of keeping up with content?

Please don’t be. Yes, being and staying consistent with anything can be challenging in seasons, but you can set and maintain a writing and posting rhythm that works well for you and the people who visit your blog. Using a content calendar has been extremely handy when it comes to managing my blog. Little reminder that we can have access to all the planners and tech tools, but motivation and mindset matter when it comes to managing your blog.

A content calendar doesn’t need to be complicated or detailed. Basically, it’s a Spreadsheet (whether in Excel or GoogleSheets) where you list posts for your blog. You can spruce it up and add columns for word counts and publishing dates for each post, and other tiny but key related details – it’s like what metadata is to a song. Here are some planning tools you can use to make a note of ideas as they come, and map out your content’s publishing path and schedule:

  • the Notes app on your phone
  • a content calendar
  • a project management app (like the one I share in this post)

How is a list of the published posts on your blog helpful? Well, having a log of your content can help you have a printable reference you can use later to categorize posts into books, more comprehensive blog posts or a series. If you get a job offer with an online magazine (like I did), it can be a document that illustrates your digital content mapping skills, consistency and professionalism when it comes to writing and publishing. You can also list and track what media format/s work best for your blog and readers while also making a note of topics that can be repurposed (or introduced in a different way.) How about transcribing a video or recording a podcast around a previous text post?

here’s a pic of previous posts in earlier days, when i wasn’t yet logging the dates (now am.)

Acknowledging how far you’ve come and how much you’ve grown as a blogger inspires you to celebrate the small wins, trace your prime posting rhythm, note necessary pockets of rest for refreshment, delete irrelevant posts or fine-tune them, and plan better – more informed, clear about your publishing path from now on.

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There are times when you might be the sole or main writer on your blog

Ever heard your favourite tv/radio/podcast host announce that this is the 3rd or 5th time so-an-so guest has been on the show? Ever wondered how they know?

Note Of Guests For Your Blog or Podcast

It’s not rocket science.

All you want to design your content calendar is a fresh Excel SpreadSheet or GoogleSheet to make a list of published posts. You can jot down or type out post ideas in a bullet journal or Notes app, log published posts in a detailed multimedia format with a project management app, and sum it all up with a concise Editorial Calendar. See if you’re more productive with one and start writing and logging your blog posts.

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