Business Coach Shares Mindset Steps & Scheduling Tips For Entrepreneurs | podcast Interview with Natalia Amador

Hi everyone, today’s guest joins us from Southern California. Natalia Amador is the beautiful face and brilliant mind behind Social Business Bosses.

Her website describes her as ‘Latina, creative writer, entrepreneur and Business Coach.’ I’ve had the opportunity of being on a coaching call with her, and recently had the chance to interview her for this post, to share some of her insight with you too.

In this episode, she shares about:

  • starting and selling her first business  {1:56}
  • her journey to coaching and the client experience {4:32}
  • working from home and scheduling well {10:50}
  • steps creative entrepreneurs can take right now {14:30}

Listen to interview here {17:04}

Meet Natalia Amador.

“My coaching business is actually my third business. My very first business was a magazine that I created, and I sold that business, and then my second business was a creative agency, which I ran with a partner.”

On Selling A Business

Q: How did you prepare your magazine business for sale? Were you approached or did you pitch?

“I never thought I was gonna sell it; I didn’t really start it with that intention. But I feel like it was a goal that I always had – to have my own magazine or maybe be the Editor of a magazine.

Once I reached that goal, I kinda felt like I outgrew the business a little bit, and it actually took me awhile to be honest with myself that I wasn’t passionate about it anymore. 

It was my first business; it was something that I had put so much time and money and energy into so I actually waited a long time before I was like, ‘ok, it’s time to move on.’

When I made that decision, I thought I was just gonna close it down. That’s when I decided ‘just because I don’t want to run this anymore, it doesn’t mean that it can’t continue to exist,’ especially because it was a brand that I had built outside of myself – like it didn’t revolve around me. 

I actually sold it to one of the writers, which was great because it was somebody who had always been a part of it. She’d been part of the team.”

Becoming A Business Coach

Q: What inspired you to become a business coach?

“I always knew I wanted to be a coach, even when I started my first business. Women started seeing me blog, and what I was creating and so they started asking me, ‘how are you doing this?’

Even when I had my first business, I actually started coaching on the side and I remember the first time I offered a group coaching, I decided to do it in person and I just posted on Facebook (about it) and I had over 30 women show up. Some were women I had never met.

I started doing group coaching in person, and even after I started the magazine.

There’s a big gap between who can afford coaching or who can’t or where you have to be in order to be ready for coaching, and I don’t really believe in that. I believe in making it attainable to anybody that needs help and has a vision for something, so whenever I’ve done anything, I’ve always wanted it to be very open to anybody feels called to being a part of it.

There’s this big idea about ‘high ticket coaching’ in the online space, which I have nothing against, but I know that’s not doable for everybody so I decided to create a program where I could still coach people, but do it in a way that was affordable for them. 

Something that was really important to me, was that I didn’t want to lose touch with clients. I didn’t want someone to come into the program and feel like they were lost in a sea of people and weren’t actually getting support. 

I launched a program that was really affordable and I’m active in there every single day.

Every week, I do a live training in the group; I’m in there coaching daily, answering people’s questions; making sure they’re getting supported. 

We do group calls; everyone feels that they’re getting a lot of support in the group and that was really important to me. It’s only Usd.$47. a month right now, and you will not find coaching like that anywhere else, with the amount of support that I’m providing.

I felt like it was a game-changer in the industry.” 

Scheduling Well While Working From Home

Q: Can you share some tips on how you work well from home? Do you add your wellness routine to your schedule too?

“It’s all about understanding yourself as a person, and creating a a routine and a schedule that works for you.

A lot of the work that I do with my 1:1 clients is help them transition out of a job and become full-time entrepreneurs, and so with that transition, I’m often walking people through this process of ‘so, I’m working from home now – how do I do this?’

I encourage them to make a schedule that really makes them happy – getting away from this idea of, ‘I have to work 9-5,’ ‘I have to work this many days’ – ‘I have to work this many hours.’

My schedule is completely designed around my personality. I’m a morning person; I work less than 20 hours a week…and so my schedule is all completely that. I did have to schedule in even the fun things I like to do. I have all of the other things that are outside of business, scheduled in. I even have a 1hr lunch break scheduled in every day.

Give yourself permission to do what’s gonna work for you.

Release these beliefs that ‘work’ has to look a certain way, because then you’re gonna show up more differently in your business, and with more joy, which is the premise for this podcast/post.’ If I wasn’t a morning person and I was making myself get up early every morning and sit down and work, I would not feel joy doing that.

You have to do what works for you, and give yourself the permission to find that.

Encouragement For Entrepreneurs

Q: What would you like to share with creative entrepreneurs right now?

“You were the one who was given this download of this business vision. You’re that one that sees the vision. You’re the one that has that unique personality… 

My job is to help people be empowered in that.”

Connect with Natalia Amador at

Listen to interview here

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6 thoughts on “Business Coach Shares Mindset Steps & Scheduling Tips For Entrepreneurs | podcast Interview with Natalia Amador

  1. I love getting away from the mindset you have to work certain hours and certain days, and I think in this current environment we have proven this is a myth. Thanks for sharing 😊

    1. So true. It makes a big difference in how we approach each day. Love the tips Natalia shares here. Thanks for coming by the blog today, Kellie.

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