A chat with a taxi driver about something we ALL can relate to | Encouragement

Hey sis, how are you today?

Not “what’s goin’ on” but how are YOU?

The other day, I had to sing for a relative’s funeral. The drive there was pretty quiet, as I usually like it on the way to an event. But on the way home, Julie the driver and I had a chat after she mentioned how interesting it always was seeing people from different cultures at funerals.

We shared a bit about how people from all walks of life, all schools of thought, all social backgrounds and every nuance in the skin tone spectrum become tender and humbled when remembering and mourning loved ones at a funeral or memorial.

I can definitely relate to that; maybe you can too? Losing someone you know and love in real life does something i’m not even sure how to put into words right now.

Then she said, ‘especially when it’s a child,’ and the ambience in the car got silent for a few minutes.

Even if you don’t yet know someone close to you who has come and gone, it’s an inevitable something since our bodies come with expiration dates and time on earth is temporary.

How we live and love while we’re alive counts for something. And there are some things we all can relate to. If only that made us more loving, compassionate and understanding toward each other.

It would be something special on earth if we each recognized that we ALL feel and need love…that everyone has someone – someONES who love them…that love is not exclusive to you or me or a particular community…that tears are transparent, blood is red and pain couldn’t care less about eye colour or hair type.

But this is a fallen world that tends to turn away from the Love it so desperately needs…

This post is probably not gonna have a fabulous closing line or call-to-action, but i hope you see it as a gentle invitation or a necessary nudge to show compassion to someone who may not happen to look, think or behave like you. Try it for a day, and see if there’s any new growth inside and out.

You might be surprised that you – that we recognize some weeds that need pulling up or healthy seeds already planted that need more nurturing.

Today is a fresh start.

Love y’all

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11 thoughts on “A chat with a taxi driver about something we ALL can relate to | Encouragement

  1. Thank you for the positive reminder! I like to start with a smile for the stranger. So often we walk past each other and pretend to he other isn’t there. Just a smile acknowledges the human in each of us.

  2. One of the meanings Love is “Let Our Voice Empower” there is only one God and one voice and he is all of us, first we learn to smile at our self in the mirror then at our self as we pass each other in life’s journey. Love starts with understanding self.

    1. Here’s hoping we can all embrace Love and walk in it and like you said, show it “as we pass each other in life’s journey.”

    1. Lots of compassion to you. Life is so precious and fragile. It’s so hard when we lose loved ones but truly a precious gift to have them in the first place. Thanks for coming by and hope you have a light rest of the day

      1. Yes indeed, I constantly remind myself that we were blessed to have her in the first place. My parents were married for 56 years. They had the best marriage I’ve ever seen. My dad will always miss her terribly. I call him everyday to make sure he is okay. My dad is grateful to have had 56 happy years with her. ❣

      2. oh wow…56 years together…what a blessing and example of beautifully enduring love! Lots of compassion to your dad too. Mine passed years ago.

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