Set The Tone For a Productive Day Working At Home

Greetings, mind if I ask what mood do you usually wake up in each day? It might not be the same every single day (especially if it’s a tough season for you right now) but what vibe or thoughts do you generally start the day with? And why? The answer’s not for me; it’s for you so no pressure at all. This isn’t for marks or points, but the answer is a clue for you. Sometimes we don’t study these things but that doesn’t mean they don’t matter. Breathing well, blinking, stretching and having good posture are often way down the list of hot topics but they’re important. If you have either been or lived around anybody who can quarrel and cuss at full volume before the first bird warms up its voice you know how absolutely precious calm, early moments can be for your mind and the attitude you greet the rest of the day with.

A little note up front: productivity isn’t defined by money in and of itself; it’s energy applied to something for that thing to be taken care of or grow to fruition. Time spent cleaning, making something or working on the farm is productive.

If this grand-rising flow inspires you to be productive in the house diligently without a fuss while taking care of whatever else is on your plate for the day that would be sweet. In this rough world where phones ping for everyone’s attention, guarding what we feed our minds especially first thing as we rise matters more than ever. What we hear, see, say and do first can influence our day, habits and life walk.

Refreshing start at ‘Talking Trees’ in Barbados. Click here to watch the video.

I have some distant memories of bouncing through the day like a bunny and thankfully now enjoy plenty light moments organically sewn into productive days while working in the house. They might look and feel soft but they are a part of armouring-up and making sure that I serve refreshed and not flustered. When our mindset default is set to a rhythm of giving thanks first and everything else after days can be more joyful even if they start differently. My life might not look like mine so this is just inspiration not a template, but the benefits to taking these steps will probably be very similar if not the same.

A sweet start doesn’t guarantee a smooth day, but what we feed our minds first thing on a daily basis matters.

Steps to refresh your grand rising and some things you can do during the day to get any creative business-work and household duties ticked-off the list, without being overwhelmed.

Side effects may include:

⁃ being and feeling quietly joyful and thankful in the morning

⁃ being pleasantly tired at the end of the day, so much so that you get a good night’s rest and by grace, wake up calm and refreshed the next gifted day.

⁃ looking forward to a natural detox called ‘sweating’ under the sun in the garden or with your plants and enjoying fresh air doing the simplest everyday activities.

⁃ finding otherwise tedious yet necessary repetitive activities helpful for trimming down, toning up and keeping the house tidy.

Let’s get to those steps on a refreshed start for a productive workday in the house.

planting sweet potato that sprouted in jars of water inside the house

Of course, there will be sweet surprises, breaking news flashes, energy dips, tough days and unexpected calls or messages in the mix but for the most part, there are steps we can take on a daily basis to tend to our health and the home we’re in while taking care of business.


Do you use an alarm to wake up? If yes, what does it sound like and how loud does it chime or holler? Think about the tone for a moment – is it startling – annoying – up-beat – pleasant to the ears? Just googled ‘alarm’ and here are 2 of the meanings: “

  1. A warning of existing or approaching danger.
  2. A device that is used to warn of danger by means of a sound or signal.

If you do use an alarm and it could do with a sonic replacement that’s more considerate to your morning state of mind, have a light scroll through the sound library and select a more gentle but still effective tone. Maybe set another one 5 minutes after, in case that one’s a bit too subtle. Onto that morning routine flowing into afternoon time. Decide how much time you can or want to spend on each and choose the order that works best for you, or better yet – add some ideas that harmonize well with your life in this season:

1. Reading 📖 and giving thanks.

2. Tending to your plants. (Loved ones come before plants.)

3. Making a hot drink and fully taking in the aromas especially if it’s a herbal tea. Having a shower with your favourite natural soap.

4. Journaling, whether that’s a daily gratitude list, prayers, verses, a drawing.

5. Making a fresh fruit juice and healthy breakfast while a load of laundry 🧺 is in the machine or already drying.

6. Enjoying fresh air while setting clothes out on the line. If you use a dryer, how about making and sipping a hot drink a smoothie in the meantime? A fresh air moment can also be you sitting by an open window cherishing the moment or doing breathing exercises. If you’re in Barbados, a good sea bath, surf or walk on the sand is a healthy start.

7. Watching or listening to something with substance while taking care of your skin/hair, without rushing.

8. Light housecleaning while refreshing your thoughts. Ever cleaned a desk, room or shelf and regretted it? Me neither. Chances are, you’ll appreciate and enjoy the space more after.

9. Writing that blog post or article, making or fixing that thing, sending an important email, completing an assignment, submitting that essay, starting a poem, uploading that song or working on whatever project then doing some kind of stretching or a workout before cooling down with a good “fresh.”

Some light starts can turn into heavy days, and some evenings can be brighter than moody mornings, but as time on this blue, green and sandy earth is temporary, it’s truly something special to enjoy and savour each gifted start to the day.

“we have to guard what we feed our minds (especially) first thing as we rise.”

And even before that. Setting the ambience for a sweet rest at the end of each day can influence how we greet the next morning that comes by grace.

Care to share? Do you already do one or a few of these 7 steps on a mornin’? Early is relative. For you, it may look like a 7am start; for someone else – 5:30 or 6am. It’s not about grabbing the day and stuffing the hours with activities to get a head-start, but more an invitation to enjoy the precious quiet time that tends to accompany the most calm part of the day.

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