Nature Walk | making Curry Channa, Fried Fish & Macaroni Pie | Planting (Barbados vlog)

Hey, hope your day went (or is still going) well.

Today’s post is a 5-minute video of a light day:

  • enjoying a nature walk
  • cooking 2 meals (one Trini and one Bajan)
  • transplanting tomato seedlings
  • singing in the garden

A relaxing 5 min video sharing a bit of Barbados

P.S: Original songs in the background of the video: Song: “For The Brave” & Instrumental: “Spice Tea

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Indra is a blogger, singer/songwriter and publishing entrepreneur from Barbados who started a blog that now reaches 80 destinations. Joyful Life|Creative Career shares content management steps, refreshment reminders, and career interviews. After pressing pause on a life of travel (30 places), she started working (mostly) from home and now shares steps for others who are ready to reset the pace of their life for the better. As a teen, she almost gave up on life. Now as a woman saved by grace, she lives joyfully with purpose, encouraging the overwhelmed, helping clients get digitally organized and recording from her home studio. Follow 'Joy within' blog for firsthand updates on new posts, guest features and tropical vlogs.

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