What’s Your Beautiful Design? | Remembering your Essence | Encouragement

Have you ever had a moment or walked through an experience when you knew what you were called to do – a time when you understood how you serve best and shine brightest?

What’s your beautiful design?

First, where are my manners – it’s been about two weeks since my last blog post. I didn’t forget about you but was in the garden a lot during the day, digging up soil, sowing seeds and tending to plants in between working from home. Gardening is one of those things that quiets and refreshes me. As a former plant assassin, it was a sweet surprise to discover (about 7 years ago) that I could be a part of and witness to a plant’s flourishing, just by slowing down to enjoy time tending to something. Gardening, like picking fruits, calm cooking, going for a walk, swimming, or taking a full breath gives me a front-row seat to creation in motion. It’s less about me doing this or that and more about seeing what’s being done behind-the-scenes and in plain sight for all of us.

What are some activities that harmonize with who you’re designed to be? Not necessarily who you aspire to be (because that can change with seasons) but who you are uniquely designed to be.


What’s your beautiful design? Do you cherish early mornings, long walks, country drives or evening sunsets? Does writing in your journal help calm your thoughts and stimulate your mind? Do you work best in short sprints or are you more of a marathoner? Is fresh air an important part of your day? Are you setting aside gifted time to connect with close loved ones or are you pressed to rest right now? It’s not a competition; just some gentle questions…

I ask because I remember moving so fast in life that almost everything was a blur, including my purpose and wellness regime. Not that that’s all figured out and at full volume at all right now, but some things are better understood than before.

Are you being gentle with or rough on yourself?

God made each and every one of us with love. Whether we believe, embrace or reflect it is up to us, but love is embedded into our essence, hemmed into our hearts, embossed on our calling and woven into our walk. That’s why we ache, long and search for it so. Our very DNA remembers and reaches for it. We intuitively know we’re designed to be handled with care and to pour out love to others; that’s why we feel a way when we see or hear the opposite. If we live cluttered lives or set and keep an unhealthy pace, our purpose can become a blur…and that’s a trap…a patch of quicksand intended to freeze movement, stunt growth and sprout despair.

When we recognize and are internally honest about our beautiful design, intricacies, tendencies, triggers and ideal life tempo, it’s like a key starts to unlock something within that allows fresh purpose to overflow like sweet water into our lives, relationships, work and walk – all by grace.

Coming from a background of insecurity, shyness and trauma with some pride in the mix, I sometimes feel ‘uncomfy’ talking about having a beautiful design in the first place, but those intermittent feelings don’t mean a thing when examined under the constant light of the truth. Our feelings may inform, but they don’t define.

And so…without any pressure or rush but with ’nuff love, in your own quiet time…consider and remember your beautiful design. Then think of what activities harmonize well with that sweet melody, and make the connection one step – one day at a time.

Shared with love,


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6 thoughts on “What’s Your Beautiful Design? | Remembering your Essence | Encouragement

  1. Just the other day I took some time to watercolor. And it felt so calm and peaceful. Mind you, I’m not a pro at art. Thank you for your encouragement and for sharing the beautiful pictures of nature, art journaling, and food! The food looks so good btw 😄!

    1. Ooooo thanks for sharing and how am I now only seeing this message. Watercolour is so beautiful – the softness of the colours. No pro here either but with you on that one. Thanks for the kind words 💐

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