Setting Aside a Cosy Quiet Space in your Home | no phone zone

How are you with plants? Well, you’ll soon find out because they’ll be beautiful for a cosy zone in your home. 

Depending on the dynamics of your home, an entire room might be a bit much to ask or picture right now – no worries. This quiet area set aside for you can be:

  • a room
  • a table in an area that has the lightest foot traffic
  • a chair on the patio
  • a nook (pocket under steps, otherwise miscellaneous area between rooms…)
  • a comfy bean bag or hammock where you slow sip a delicious hot drink
  • somewhere serene in the garden or yard

Space is relative, so if you are in an otherwise challenging circumstance, sister- please remember your mind is also a home. If you don’t have easy access to a serene space just for you even for a few (moments), quiet time in the mind with The Word is a precious thing. Sharing this with compassion. It wouldn’t feel right to continue without addressing that possibility; that was mine at one point in time. 

That said, someone could have all the cosy rooms and quiet time in the physical but be challenged by clutter within the mind.Here’s hoping you’re in a position to literally set aside a cosy room or area in your home. On the surface, it might seem like it’s only for you but this also overflows into our daily interactions with whoever we cross paths with.

Irritability is a real thing; now apparently, more than ever. There are people who choose to be miserable… but at times, someone’s frustration can spring from prolonged exhaustion. If you can relate to that, some purposeful pockets of refreshing time can be really helpful. It doesn’t change a situation, but provides a space where we can pause for purposeful rest or reflection. Quiet time is becoming more precious is an increasingly hollering world, so a space in or just outside your home can become a calm place where you refill your mind with heavenly promises and empty it from earthly worries…or just deep breathe for a few moments or quietly make something until the next task of the day.

<< cosy: giving a feeling of comfort, warmth, and relaxation >>

When you can, have a look around your home.

Think about what cosy feels like to you. What would – what can or will you do in your new cosy room during quiet time? Maybe you’d like to add something to read, draw on or write in? Some plants to tend to – sewing things? A bean bag to cool out on? Cream for a good foot rub – foot spa? It’s up to you.

Little note: If you happen to bring your laptop there (maybe you’re writing a book or ready to start your blog) every now and then, try giving yourself a gadget-limit by not bringing the charger into the room or area. Save whatever you type before your laptop reaches 10% and take a breather to enjoy some tech-less time.   

By the way, today – instead of noticing it was raining, for a few moments…I watched the rain. It was amazing like I’d forgotten what rain droplets look and sound like in real life. Instead of rushing to write with the pen poised in my hand, I took a few purposeful moments to listen, watch, pray, consider the beauty of creation and breathe better. The raindrops pattered down the window pane, watered the freshly-pruned mango tree, bounced off the feathers of a resting hummingbird, played percussion on the neighbour’s paling and polished the seedlings’ leaves. Epic…and calming.

raindrops and mango leaves

A few questions (more like gentle prompts) for your upcoming or soon-to-be upgraded cosy space.


  • Which rooms or part of the home are you mostly in? 
  • Which is the least used? 
  • Which area has the best lighting – the coolest breeze/best ventilation?
  • Which room could look comfy and cosy with a fresh look? (Some flowers, artwork, new curtains, a couple cushions or a carpet, furniture shift.)


  • When was the last time you spent a few minutes or more right outside the place where you live? 
  • What’s your favourite spot just outside your apt./house/front door? Why?
  • Anywhere looks inviting when you think about enjoying quiet time in it, if it just has a little more decoration attention? 

Motivation & Momentum 

Some habits are easy to drift into but some are tough to pelt away. Are you like this too? With some things, I have to purposefully reset my thinking, pattern and rhythm to set a new routine and keep up momentum with fresh purpose and focus.

When we leave things up to our mood, their momentum can drag at intervals except when it comes to the essentials like brush-teeth-wash-face-bathe-skin-eat-food…

Basically, we can forget or slack off or just not tap and tune into an opportunity to enjoy something even when it contributes to our wellbeing – purposeful quiet time.

When you choose and decorate your cosy space at home, make a note to notice what comes up at first. It’s probably gonna feel awkward for a bit… until it’s not. You may even find yourself looking over your shoulder every now and then or getting in working position to look ‘productive’, in case someone opens the door or randomly comes to that side of the house. 

Have a little laugh about it, and enjoy your quiet time still.

It makes a big difference to how you approach the rest of your day…even if it starts off as 10 minutes spent first thing in the morning in that cosy quiet room in your home.


‘Nuff love 

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