Benefits of Waking Up Early In The Morning

Its Joy Within

Good mornin’

Along with being the most quiet time of day, whether in your neighbourhood, city or town, mornings are usually the most sonically peaceful pocket of time out of our general waking hours.

The atmosphere

You know it’s early in the morning, when the sky starts to transition from the dimness of dusk to the soft pastel watercolours of sunrise…(and in the tropics or during spring/summer) when the birds are chirping intermittently and their trills echo in the atmosphere…when most of the neighbours’ windows are still shut…when it’s chillier than it is when you’re accustomed waking up, and when you might be considering resting your head back on the pillow to get some more sleep.

But when you take a deep breath, and decide to stand by the decision you made (or may be on the way to making) to wake up early to enjoy the morning

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