Navigating The Blog Posting Process | From Planning & Writing To Posting & Promoting | Trello CHECKLIST

To some aspiring online writers, blogging is appealing and…intimidating.

i can understand why it can seem that way when you first learn about all the steps involved or feel a bit overwhelmed by the tech. But although blogging does involve a lot of work, it doesn’t have to be an arduous journey. Yes, there’s a plump checklist of tasks that take you from planning and writing to publishing and promoting each post (and your blog itself) but the more you refine your writing rhythm, get the gist of the flow and use the tech, it will become a fluent dance.

Let’s get the fruit of today’s post – a screenshot coming up. It’s from the Trello board I use to document my blog content (in much more detail than the Content Calendar, which is a Spreadsheet.)

Logging 400+ posts is no light walk in the park; it’s more of a steady stroll in the sand but cataloguing your content is important to: (a) to track and search for posts by date (b) find guest writer data for specific posts (c) compile excerpts and develop them more for your book/course (d) train your team and have archives stored and accessible in a file-sharing networking program (like Trello.)

This screenshot below is from one of the lists on the overall Trello board assigned to Joywithin blog. (Trello terms can be just as foreign as hearing about the steps involved in the blog posting process but be patient with yourself, ok?) I did a video post on using Trello to plan your posts; you can watch it right here. While we’re on the topic, here’s the link to start planning projects on Trello (not a sponsored post.)

The Blog Posting Process | Trello Checklist

(Feel free to copy and tweak these steps to use for your blog flow; just not for inclusion in a commercial product, thanks.)

The cool thing about Trello is that it’s an interactive project management platform. Without going into any detail in this post – ya see the checklist above? It’s clickable. So, as you go through the steps when you’re now getting the flow of the blogging process, just click the box and that specific task will have the strikethrough effect (like this), but remain on the list. Since the process is ongoing, the list remains the same but you can select the relevant steps when posts have different variables (some text only, some video, others audio…)

You can make a checklist in a paper planner, bujo, the ‘Notes’ app of your phone or on a whiteboard if you like; the key is to have the steps outlined as a visual reminder at first, and team training reference eventually if that’s a part of the plan. Whatever works well for you.

Start your online writing journey (by clicking the link, you’re getting a discount to launch your site while earning this blog some points to put towards producing content for you.)

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