Redecorating your Writing Room or Home Office | Inspiration

Do you have a writing room? If not, where do you write or blog most or best?

Designating (and decorating) a clean quiet space with good lighting, decent ventilation, comfy seating and related supplies can enhance your overall writing experience. 

On days when it’s challenging to focus on your writing or typing assignment, setting up shop in a space that’s well-suited for writing marathons or reading sessions can be really helpful. 

While a clean, cozy writing room can inspire us to put pen to paper or text to screen, it doesn’t guarantee that we’ll always be motivated to follow through…but it does make the writing experience a lot lighter when you do.

Here are some steps to refresh your writing room or home office:

  • Designate a room, nook, corner or area (if you haven’t yet.)
  • De clutter 
  • File (store safely or repurpose or throw away)
  • Clean
  • Refresh paint (a fresh coat to walls/furniture can lift the look of a room)
  • Add houseplants, cuttings or flowers in water 
  • Stationery  
  • Seating
  • Wall art 
  • Wash/replace curtains + fabric (cushions, chair throw)
  • A mug (for hot drinks) or mason jar (for water or a smoothie)
  • Ambience, aroma & accents (rug, carpet, lamp, diffuser, bookshelf, running lights, ottoman – for seating & storage)

I find a minimalistic design for the writing room helps me focus on the task at hand more, even if it’s in stints. Do what works well for you. Less visual distractions and more reading, writing, annotating and all things related.

It can feel a bit overwhelming at first (the steps listed earlier in this post) but it doesn’t have to be a daunting process. Set a timeline for when you’d like to get through decorating your writing room, decide on a starting point and pick which activities will pair or group well together and which order makes the most sense. Oh, and think about how you’ll maintain the space when you’re considering the design. 

these lemon & mandarin multi-surface Wilko wipes are handy, effective and available in plastic-free re-sealable packaging.

Do you like drawing (very basic) floor plans, room layouts and garden maps too? How about doing that for your soon-to-be refreshed writing room or home office? Stick it up on the wall or mirror as you de-clutter, clean, rearrange, and spruce up your space for encouragement and a gentle nudge forward. 

When you’re dusting, mopping and sweating like a bear, your hand drawn or digital layout plan will be a visual reminder of what you’re working towards. If you were moving into a new office at a fancy company, think honestly about how excited and meticulous you’d be when prepping to move in and get started. 

Now, that same sunny attitude – dedicated to decorating your at-home writing room.

 Have one already and want to share some prep steps and storage/decor/supply tips for someone else reading this post? Feel free to, in the comment section.

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