Called To Coach But You’re Kinda Quiet? | Encouraging Tips & Endurance Steps

Are you a quiet person who is called to coach? Maybe you’re already a longtime tutor but could do with some encouragement to refresh your approach and pour more joy into your life’s work. If so, this post is for you although the steps are designed to be helpful for consultants and freelancers too.

It can be tough at times – using your voice (or raising it in group settings) when you’d sometimes rather just point something out with your chin, sum it up in a stick drawing, or coach by osmosis, but when we remember that this goes beyond us and the knowledge we’ve gained is best when poured out to those willing to learn and the ones coming after, it can nudge us forward so we grow beyond our default setting to share with purpose, care and patience.

You might be wondering how you, being a quiet person can have a thriving coaching career. Today’s post shares encouragement and practical steps you can take to get started, keep growing, serve with a smile and sound your voice in purposeful pockets.

So, I’ve been coaching for over 10 years, and although I enjoy it – can you guess what the most challenging part of it is?


While I’m up for the challenge, it’s important to me to serve from a place of refreshment and not exhaustion (the second is no fun for anyone.) So the timeframe matters. You must have gone through your share of storms too. If so, you already know just how precious calm can be after a tornado has whipped its way through your life. People can be quiet for many reasons but if you’re called to share vocally through a speaking or coaching career, let’s walk through some things to consider so you serve better while maintaining the essence of whom you’re created to be.

Know those audio and YouTube interviews sprinkled across this blog? Well, I enjoy those a lot, but know better than to schedule more than one – mayyybe two a day. When it comes to an editing marathon? Yep – bring it on, but talking for hours on end? No thanks. Actually writing this post after a 5-hr video editing session.

Set your pace and choose your approach. No need to let your coaching calling and career overwhelm you.

Try the 80/20 thing; when you portion out gifted time each day, include 80% of quiet activities and your coaching window will be the 20%. That way you preserve your energy and use your words wisely (ideally.)

Don’t let shyness get in the way of your business

Starting and managing a business will challenge you regardless of if you pencil that in or not. You don’t have to design a business that takes away from your essence or is so intimidating that you sabotage the process and withhold that knowledge and wealth of experience you have.

Question: How are you with large groups and crowds? Sensitive to a lot of frequencies? Is a one-on-one (1:1) coaching format better suited for you, or would group sessions be lighter on your time so you’d have more purposeful pockets to take care of other priorities? In-person or online; which can you serve better through right now?

I’ve come to appreciate the gift of quiet time, whether it’s spent writing, gardening, reading, cooking, or sewing or drawing something. Being a singer/songwriter/musician, sound is a key part of my career yet set apart spaces were standard: like studios (vocal booths – talk about an enclosed space), rehearsal rooms and backstage. Over time, I started to include more breathing exercises and outdoor classes into my training method; that created calm and a refreshing kind of quiet in classes which usually involve high volume sound at intervals. Clients love it, and experience the benefit of deep breathing exercises, stretches and fresh air that are helpful in and beyond singing. Now the sessions also help busy CEOs breathe better to lead lighter. I wouldn’t have considered that before tweaking the template.

Joyful Life | Creative Career

Question: does your current coaching or consulting method harmonize well with your personality? What step can you take to have a better blend?

Your coaching | consulting style

Challenges play a muscle-building role in our personal growth, but if or when our jobs or businesses become a burden or emotional tug-o-war, it’s usually time for an honest evaluation followed by a tweak or upgrade – for the better. That adjustment will enhance both the client and coach experience.

You can edit your format freely; just remember your clients/students aren’t mind-readers or robots so communication and orientation are necessary for clarity. It’s okay to pace your coaching sessions in seasons. If you’re like me, and need siestas away from group settings or on-the-road travel (especially at this time), schedule those seasons with breathing room in between. (As much as we can ‘schedule’ anything since we aren’t ultimately in control of time.)

Those seasons will help you build endurance if this is a journey you’re called to be on for the long haul.

In those season breaks, you can:

  • include rest when needed instead of always rushing
  • use the time to create products (physical or digital) and introduce them in the next season
  • set a new morning routine
  • train new team members, collect testimonials
  • design an online course
  • mentor someone
  • complete that pending project you might’ve not ‘had the time to tend to’ before
  • minimize screen time
  • upgrade your coaching skills, pitch to new clients
  • evaluate your business vision/marketing plan
  • read, cook, walk or garden more

Things to consider at intervals (especially when things get tough or you feel tired):

Why do you coach?

Whom do you coach?

Where do you coach?

When can you honestly set aside (without hassle or headache) to coach? (How many days; how long a session?)

How can you serve better?

Coaching – teaching – speaking, can be exhilarating, exhausting and rewarding. The purpose in the service, growth in the process and use of the pockets of time in between, make a big difference. When you have a chance, how about getting your journal and jotting down your coaching career vision and some sort of template as a reference for how you will pace yourself and serve your clients and students well.

Enjoy! It will show.

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P.S: Just to share the fullness of my current career tempo with ya (since working from home is a hot topic here), I’m also now coaching groups at centers and studios a few days a week for a window of time, so had to edit my workflow in this season.

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