Here’s Part 2 from an interview with Nisha Doughlin – Jewelry Designer and creative entrepreneur of Metah Designs from Trinidad & Tobago.

In Part 1, Nisha shared about her inspiration and the journey of overcoming the awkwardness of introducing yourself as the face behind your business. You can watch it here.

Today, in Part 2 she offers encouragement for (aspiring) entrepreneurs and walks us through her workflow and the creative process that goes behind producing the beautiful jewelry she makes for women.

Let’s get right to it. Have a cup of tea or coffee in hand and notebook and pen nearby?

Part 2. Remember to watch Part 1

Joy and Work

“I think joy is very important. There are amazing things happening, and I see that because I’ve been consistent and I’ve applied myself to what I do consistently, but there are times when it’s really difficult. I think  if you don’t have joy in doing what you’re doing…that’s why joy is key, because you need something to sustain you in dry periods or where you have ups and downs. If you look at your regular life, nothing is 100% awesome 24/7 – 365 days of the year. There are times when things get difficult or things get hard. And then you add something like Covid – it’s a global thing. So joy is important. I understand that what I do is bigger than just creating jewelry.

Work Flow

I am more creative in the afternoon. Admin stuff in the mornings, and in the afternoon I feel is when I can sit in my studio and work. I also don’t work on a Sunday at all, except the only thing that I do is the IG conversations.So Sunday’s my rest day. I was not resting before Covid; I was 24/7 in business mode. I didn’t do anything for about a month I rested, that’s when all the ideas for the things that I’m doing now started coming. We, as creative people – as a self-employed person, need to take breaks. You need to give yourself time to rest; I think that’s when the creativity really just bubbles to the surface and it’s easier for me to sit and do things now. It doesn’t feel like I have to think very hard to do things. 

How can people order Metah Designs pieces?

I get orders on Instagram (also on Facebook.) I decide which pieces I will recreate. 

The new Scribble jewelry line. “Simple can be something that stands out on its own. Simple pieces just finish and make something look complete. I found that my designs have become very simple and I like that because simple pops just as much as chunky.”

Encouragement for aspiring creative entrepreneurs

Just start.

I think doing it is the first step, and doing it with what you have; not waiting ’til you have 500 tools and all the material that you could dream of and all of the skill. I don’t have a quarter of the tools that I see all of the metalsmiths have but I do what I can with what I have and I’m okay with that.

Do it even afraid and you’ll be surprised at how, the more you do that thing is the more it becomes natural for you to do and the more you become comfortable in your skin owning that thing, and not feeling like a fake – feeling unnatural with it. It becomes part of you the more you do it and it becomes an expression of yourself rather than trying to learn how to create something from a place that is not intrinsic at the moment.” – Nisha Doughlin

Thanks for sharing your journey, insight, encouragement, God-given gifts and time, Nisha.

View new jewelry pieces and order your favourites by Metah Designs (may-tah) @metahtt on Instagram | meta on fb)

Click here to watch Part 1

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