Setting a Peaceful Morning Routine | Let’s Do An Outdoor Breathwork Session | Video

Not all mornings look the same, and not every morning routine works for everyone. Today’s video shares a little inspiration for setting a peaceful morning routine, an outdoor breathwork session you can join in on, and a snippet of a workday.

What we feed our minds with first is important, and it can overflow into the first words we say and our approach to the day. I’ve mentioned before that a light morning doesn’t guarantee a fabulous and fluent day, but because mornings come first (chronologically) they have a lot of influence on our starting mood and mindset.

You might want to set a regular flow with some add-on options that serve a purpose for a season. Whatever (healthy that) works for you to have a peaceful morning routine, because a stressful start is just way to rough to begin a gifted day. We aren’t always in a position to dictate how a day opens, and our lives have different variables, but for the most part, we have a hand in how we approach any given day.

Onto the video…

For the writers reading this, you already know firsthand how important a clear mind is to your productivity and workflow. The breathwork session shares a little reminder to enjoy purposeful pockets of fresh air in between those marathon days when you’re at your desk. Our neck and shoulders can get so tense when we’re either sitting rigidly for hours on end or propping on a pillow proofreading something.

There’s also a 1 minute writing session (at the end of the video) you can join in on, if you could do with a virtual writing pal to help motivate you to start that blog post, make a journal entry or polish up that assignment you’ve been meaning to set aside time for.

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