Getting ‘Un-Stuck’ In Life & Answering Your Calling To Write | Interview with Jamie Lerner

Hi there, a new interview for you. Today’s guest is Jamie Lerner. She is the co-author of “The Ever-Loving Essence Of You” book and is a professional coach with a background in psychology. 

Jamie’s logging on from the U.S. and will share her insight into the journey and discipline of writing, as well as some helpful advice and forward steps for aspiring authors who might be feeling a bit intimidated by the creative process.

Along with walking us through her writing regimen, our guest encourages us to be honest about recognizing and riding waves of authentic inspiration in order to maintain a joyful approach to writing.

Click here to listen to the interview {14:26}

Here’s a bit of our conversation; for the full fruit of the message, have a listen to the audio interview.

Were you always called to write?

“I think everyone has a book in them.”

What triggered your educational interest in the field of psychology?

“I was always fascinated by inter-personal relationships between people – people of all cultures. We grew up in a home where it was a revolving door of international people, so it was just fascinating for me to observe and to partake in conversations and relationships with other people. Specifically, it was the relationship that I had – or didn’t have with my mom, that really kind of kept me wanting to know and understand more about the psychology between people and their environment and their relationships and themselves.

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What is one thing that you think every person could benefit from in terms of reflection and honest self-evaluation?

What I found to be really helpful when I was working with people, and they were always looking back; it did not help people to move forward. If you are gonna look back at something, look back at it from your right here, right now – adult perspective. Because when you do that, the picture in the story looks very very different and it feels very different.”

Stuck is just a moment.

Jamie Lerner


“For me, it’s first thing in the morning – that’s when I’m the most open to receiving…I think that’s when we’re the most open to receiving. Everyone has their own process.

The time that you set aside every day or every other day; you sit down and it’s not feeling right to you – don’t stay there – get up and do something else, because when ever there’s resistance in any process, we’re not in alignment with what we’re thinking we are wanting to be doing and it’s not a successful outcome. It becomes a source of restriction that’s completely unnecessary…so excuse yourself. Come back to it, or don’t.

If it’s not coming from a place of inspiration – no. We believe that if we don’t get it done right now, we’ll lose it. I think it best…to relax into it and re-assure yourself.

(Ask yourself) What are the moments you feel most inspired?”

Jamie offers professional virtual coaching services. She offers packages and clients can customize their session timeline to suit their need, which encourages them to be a proactive part of the process as they work alongside Jamie to reframe their mindset for the better and refresh their approach to challenges.

Visit Jamie online at

Find out more about “The Ever-Loving Essence Of You” book here | Buy it on

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