Some Earthly Interruptions Are Heaven-sent Invitations | Encouragement

She was standing there at the crossroads by a traffic light in town a few years ago – looking beautiful and all dolled-up.

Waved, smiled and was gonna pass by since my mingling-days have been left behind (lovin’ it.) Then recognized something like sadness in her perfectly-lined eyes.S topped to speak for a bit. She opened up and said she was on her way home to take pills and say goodbye to everything. A mother of many…broken by disappointment from betrayal by the man she loved…still does.

Asked if she wanted to pray. She did. And right there, in the middle of a busy street in Bridgetown, i took The Word out of my purse and we read a verse. She breathed deeper and made the decision to hold on and press in, topping up on the Love that made us all, even the ones who hate it.

Sis, you are meant for more than a career. Jobs and goals are valid but can bring a busyness that lures us away from our calling. We are created in plural for a reason.

Some earthly interruptions are really heaven-sent invitations…to encourage someone and remind them that they are loved; that they matter; that there’s a purpose for their life. i’ve lost count as to the amount of people who have pressed pause when they were moving at high speed, to share love when i needed kindness in real time.Whatever the pace of your day, make some breathing room for you…and someone else too.

See ya!

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