The Man In The Broken Chair | Encouragement

He was sitting on a broken chair in the middle of a roundabout on the outskirts of town.

i walked over, handed him something and said, “God loves you” before crossing over to head to pay a bill. He looked at me surprised as said – kinda harsh in a way, “I KNOW!” Instead of responding piggily, i smiled..then thought about it. He sounded surprised – probably because i’d assumed he didn’t think or know so – but why? – cause he was sitting on a brek-up chair doing seemingly nothing in town? – cause his clothes were raggedy? – cause he was homeless?

That convicted me, but also made me joyful for him. He knew God cares about him. And so, the day went on. The next morning, the same man was on the front cover of the online local paper. He’d been given (get this) – A HOUSE! A house y’all!

Yeah, i saw him sitting on the broken chair one time since then, but the point – the lesson (for me too) was and still is – sometimes you have to declare a thing to see a thing.

Faith doesn’t wait on sight. It doesn’t need it. You don’t see to believe. Those who believe it shall see it, once it’s according to His will and not our paltry wants or fickle feelings.

Though i had felt a l’il dissed by the response at first (pride kickin’ in), sometimes someone – anyone is placed in a position at the appointed time to usher a word out of you – and then you see what you believed all along in a way that surprises you ’cause it’s not of you (or me.)

i’m gonna use words wisely. You too?

Shared with love.

P.S: wisdom from above. gotta ask for it daily.

P.P.S: i’m not a counselor nor do i have any fancy title. Just a sister sharing encouragement to press in in prayer and speak life over any circumstance or situation.

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