GENTLE AND QUIET | A Grandmother’s Love

🌺 See that beautiful woman?

Well, that was my grandmother, whom everyone affectionately called “mum.” An indigenous Kalinago woman who helped raise me til she passed when i was 10. i’ve missed her so much since then but am so thankful to have had her in my life.

At secondary school, we were told rough things about kalinago people (then called “Caribs”) – they said there were no more on the island yet most evenings and for months at one point in life, i returned to the home of this gentle, loving soul who made The Best lentil soup and “smuggled” Shirley biscuits to her 3 grandchildren when my step-grandad, wasn’t closeby. When 2 boys found out my grandmother was indigenous they decided to nickname me “Injun Joe” (or “Jo Jo”) from ‘Tom Sawyer’ book we were reading. Didn’t take offense then or now. Wuddeva.

my grandmother is on the upper right hand side in this pic

Her mum was from Grenada and her lineage traces a few steps back to a Kalinago queen named “Xie Lor” or “Selah” in Waitukubli (Dominica) referred to by French travelers as “C’est L’or” (it is gold”) and her love for and protectiveness over me was no secret. There was no question in my mind then or now about it. My other grandmother from Trinidad & Tobago called “Mama” was miles and miles away in Montreal so this one was my main reference and influence for the cosy kind of love grans are known to shower on their beloved grandchildren.

I found these pics today and they warm my heart and make me smile.

A homemaker who owned 24 or 25 plots of agricultural land on what’s now “the Gold Coast” of Barbados. Years passed and deeds “lost” and now 2 plots remain…but that’s a whole ‘nother page in the story. (In pic #2 she’s on the upper right hand side.)

If The Most High moulds me to be even so much as half the gentle, quiet, faithful, enduring and loving soul she was, that would be a blessing from above i’d receive with open hands. Just thought to share these pics i found of her today with y’all.

That’s all for now. See ya 👋🏽

thanks for reading

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5 thoughts on “GENTLE AND QUIET | A Grandmother’s Love

  1. It’s so beautiful to read about your grandma, how she made an impact in your life and your lineage. She sounds so loving and caring. The phrase “the cosy kind of love grans are known to shower on their beloved grandchildren” reminded me of my grandma who once gave me an unforgettable hug.

    1. Thanks so much for the kind words and love your description of your grandma’s “unforgettable hug.” That’s such a loving description of what must’ve been a precious moment. This mssg brought a smile. Thank youuu

  2. Hello Indra, not only do you resemble your grandmother in physicality, you resemble her in spirit! You’ve inherited many of her traits. God Bless you. Hugs xoxo

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