Stationery, Doodling, Handwriting & Your Blog

Every writer has a soft spot for stationery, and many creatively-inclined people have a habit of doodling.

We’re made that way on purpose. I’ve been known to venture into bookshops, stationaries and art supply stores for ‘no particular reason’ only to come out with a couple new pens, a journal, paints, brushes and even – envelopes.

It could be a business meeting with high profile people in a fancy building, but you can be sure there’s gonna be an elaborate pen drawing session or some hand lettering going on in between. Maybe you do the same thing, and find you listen better (without visual distractions) and contribute more meaningfully if or when necessary too. Sometimes the doodle relates to the essence of the meeting and others who thought you might have been rude by seemingly ignoring the presentation understand and interpret whatever you drew. Even if what you draw doesn’t connect with wherever you are at the time, chances are it can be useful for something whether it’s the start of a product design, logo, a title for a book or the artwork for a blog post or YouTube thumbnail.

Sometimes, doodling is simply a creative workout or coping mechanism for the mind. It doesn’t often end up as a conversation piece. Like journaling, it can be a personal word for you in that moment and beyond.

i like decorating borders and adding words and verses on pages that are yet to be filled with journal entries or song lyrics. It makes them sweet surprises to greet you when you get to random pages. This pic is from my most recent songwriting book. So far, i’m using a Sharpie marker and pencil colours.)

If you’re an aspiring writer who struggles with being inspired to work on your manuscript, start that blog, or set up your writing space/room, this post shares a shortlist of items you’ll want to source and keep close plus some encouragement to jumpstart your journey. You don’t need to have everything (or large quantities of anything) on the list – convincing yourself that you do can be a subconscious self-sabotage technique.


  • a blank notebook
  • a pretty journal
  • pens (a ball point – blue & black, a medium ink pen – black)
  • pencils, a good eraser and a ruler
  • a lined notebook (pocket-sized or large)
  • an iPad and Apple pencil (with a decent digital drawing program)
  • watercolour pencils
  • Geometry set (other handy things to help draw straight or curved lines: a pen, coins, jar lids, laptop borders…)
  • art pad
  • paints and brushes

5 Calming & Brain-Building Things About HandWriting | Lettering

Are you into fonts too? Ever changed up your handwriting just to spruce things up and kick your journaling and list-making up a notch? Girrrl, if so – gimme a ‘knock’ or ‘high-five.’ There’s a reason you’re like that. The question is, are you exploring that and seeing how that ‘eye’ and gift can add to whatever you’re doing now.

Fonts are like (musical) chords and notes that can subconsciously influence the mind’s perception of a thing.

pen and paper

Just like people assume someone is hollering when they type something in all caps – doesn’t mean it’s true but that’s what the general perception tends to be.

In different seasons, I started digital drawing (honestly, wasn’t a fan even while trying) and recently, I’m completely enjoying using the Procreate app for hand lettering, drawing and painting. Highly recommend it, by the way – just know there are layers to learning how to navigate it. If you’d like a walk-through video, comment and I’ll be happy to make one and include in a fresh post for you.

If you’re more into paper-less living, digital drawing is for you. Your supply list is shorter and though it costs more, it’ll work out as a good investment in the long-run. Plus, you’ll still have the option of selective printing.

The tactile motion of working with your hands, holding tools, sensing textures, getting paint and colours on your fingers just like writing with pen on paper, is truly unique but do what works best for you.

Sometimes, laughs, hand-bored smirks and eye-rolls from observers, can cause us to shy away from stirring up creative gifts and skills that don’t usually get the whoops, whistles or front row seat on talent sheets, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying it, hear?

Your doodling, journaling or hand lettering doesn’t have to connect to a career, product or service for it to be something meaningful. One thing’s for sure, if you start when you’re in a bad or low mood, that won’t last long. Like gardening and cleaning, it can help divert and direct your brain to a healthier and lighter state, but I guess that depends on what you decide to write or draw…but chances are, doing something you love alleviates your mind from concentrating on anything that pulls you away from that joy and purpose.

Sooo, which one is your favourite? Doodling, journaling, hand lettering or – since we’re here – blogging? As a blogger, if you’re also into organic creativity, don’t be afraid to add that to the mix.

Recommended supplies:

Pen (ball point): Faber Castell (medium tip)

Watercolour pencils: Mu Hui Professional Water Color Pencil – 72 piece set)

iPad & Apple Pencil

Digital Drawing Program: ProCreate

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